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This is the official thread for the Vanatoo T0. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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Z Reviews

New owner of a pair of Vanatoo T0’s here. Anyone else around?

Got a quick question about the Auto Input Switch mode. I mainly use them off USB on my PC / laptop, connected via USB hub, and alternatively bluetooth from my phone.

My issue is this - When the speakers go to sleep after 20 mins, I find that USB audio over USB does not wake the speakers. Instead, I would connect my phone over bluetooth and play any audio for it to wake, then switch over to USB automatically. (I still have my remote in the box / unopened. If I could, I wouldn’t use the remote at all)

Anyone encounter the issue? Would it be because USB is connected over a hub (it plays fine with the hub when awake though)?

No, I don’t. I have these speakers hooked up to my computer and they always come on after a few seconds.
I should mention that I love the sound and the look of these speakers. Great for small/smallish desktop set-ups. I keep meaning to try them in the living room but haven’t got around to it yet.

Shane D

It’s so odd. Do you have them set to auto input switch or current input selection mode in sleep? Do you have them connected to anything else ie bluetooth or optical? I switched them over to current input selection & only use the usb input and now it wakes fine.

Yeah, the form factor was a major reason I got these. They fit so well on a tight desk space, the passive radiator seem to help as well.