🔷 Violectric HPA V200 Headphone Amp

This is the official thread for the Violectric HPA V200 Headphone Amplifier

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Balanced & Unbalanced inputs
  • 2 SE headphone outputs
  • 570mW rated power @ 600 ohms

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Some early quick thoughts:

It’s a nice amp. Built like a tank. It’s doing wonders for my lcd-2 controlling the driver accomplishing good separation and space and a defined image even with the busiest of metal tracks. Bass is really satisfying and has a very nice amount of nuance and detail to it. Good full mids with good timbre. Treble is kinda recessed and so is the lcd-2’s but the ares ii has some energy there so it’s all working together pretty nicely. I put these 3 together in my head given what I read about each of them and questions I asked about them and I’m really satisfied with the experience I’m having.

I have nothing really to compare it to but I want to mention having the v200 ares ii stack here now I have a ton more respect for the asgard 3 multibit. Astonishingly good for the price.


You mean its not that huge of a gap between them or the asgard is doing way too much for its price?

The latter. I mean it is obvious to me for various reasons that the v200 ares ii is the superior pairing but the a3 mb really does a commendable job at giving you a taste of what higher end stuff can do.

Edit: I am making some assumptions given my lack of experience in this tier but I feel it’s safe to assume given the positive reputation the v200 and the ares ii have.


Violectric + Soekris dacs = the best pairing

You’re a bad influence man lol mentioned upgrading from the v200 in the bought today thread and now a different dac in this one. Jokes aside, I have heard that sentiment in abundance all over the internet. Honestly though the ares ii is pretty sweet and the synergy is quite obviously there. May try a soekris in the future but I’m content atm.

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I have heard that the Ares II is a nice pairing with Violectric amps as well, but Soekris seemed to be the one most recommended. Can’t really go wrong with either one IMO.


Glad you are enjoying it! My V220 is very similar, just with a few bells and whistles. Mine gives bass wherever it’s supposed to be and power to spare.
I would REALLY like to hear it with an Aries II.

Does yours have dip switches to adjust the gain? I LOVE having the ability to fit the amp to anything.

The only complaint I have with this amp is my Liquid Platinum amp. Headphones seem to play louder/fuller/more open via balanced vs the same headphone via SE on the V220.

I would be very interested in comparing balanced out on a Violectric amp vs a Liquid Platinum.

Right now the two are a perfect pair:

  1. LP for balanced/Inefficient headphones
  2. V220 for efficient/SE headphones.

Looking forward to more of your feedback! :+1:t2:

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The nice bass presence seems to hold true on this unit as well… really warm and full sounding amp… certainly enough power/control for the large audeze driver :ok_hand:

The ares ii is a no brainer of a rec and seems to play really nice with the vio so far… hope you get to hear it eventually

No gain switches (but actually yes gain switches) and really no anything on the v200. Very basic straightforward headphone amp :+1:

Aren’t the switches in the back?

My V200 has the gain switches on the back like in the picture above.

Yup good call. As you can tell I haven’t explored the unit thoroughly. Didn’t come with a manual either. Thanks for this :+1:

That’s what mine looks like and they are Awesome! -12 Db’s for my Grado’s, Meze’s and Fostex’s. + 6Db’s for my DT880 600 Ohms.
This amp can accommodate just about any headphone.

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You can download the manual in pdf from the USA dealer. https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1A7X18N8eqh7N_oHOvyx7lOGTM1s1MRAW

Has things that might benefit you later


I haven’t been able to listen to a liquid platinum, but the balanced out of a V281 is what sold me with Vio gear and so I committed to another Violectric. I think someday I might go back to a V280/281 just because I miss what it does to the low end and its superb control in the bass and the mids.

I miss that Soekris+V28X sound. For pure music listening enjoyment, I think I would prefer that combo over the newer Vio stuff. I wasn’t a fan of Soekris 1xxx series with the new Vio V590. Though with sound signature being more neutral (from how I perceive it) and having less treble roll-off, the BF2 has been a better match for me and brings some preferred warmth compared to both the Soekris and the internal DAC.

@donjklassen looking forward to more of your impressions.


The low end can be amazing. My Grado’s and Senn’s do NOT sound bass light on this amp and that is quite a feat. :smile:

For the last day or two I have been using my Fostex TH-610’s on the V220 and it just makes me smile.


Definitely. So far only listened at length with the lcd-2’s but I have a few bass light cans that will get their turn. What’s really impressive to me was the amount of control and detail I’m getting from the low end. Not just boosted for boosted sake.

Sometimes miss my x00 purplehearts lol so much fun so much strong quality bass :+1:

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You moved from g111 to v200 with the same dac 1321. May I know what changed sound and performance wise?

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Does Violectric even have an official website?

So far I have only seen them on distributors’ & dealer’s websites,

Well… seems like it was way simpler than I thought… it’s literally -