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  • 1/4 inch and XLR headphone out, XLR in with RCA switchable in or pre out
  • 1.8W @ 600 Ohm, 5.3W @ 100 Ohm, 3.1W @ 50 Ohm
  • Adjustable pre gain

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1.8W at 600 Ohm? Wow!

Anyone remembers what was the price from massdrop? Fried says it will be available in massdrop again soon. Don’t know where I saw this but someone somewhere said its close to v200 price if you get it from massdrop, thats like 500$ difference or something.


Character limit.

Nice… I think I’ll wait then if its only couple of months. Thanks.

I’ve been working on a comparison between this amp and the gsx mini. Some first impressions here: Violectric V280 vs Headamp GS-X mini [comparison]

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hmm will both xlr and SE outputs work no matter if its connected via xlr or rca inputs? Like if the amp is connected with rca only will the xlr output work?

asking this because the soekris 1421 is rca only and the 1541 is both but 1/3 more in price

Yes, it outputs from all the jacks no matter the input

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I got my V280 in on Friday, but only got around to hooking it up today. Last week was a hell of a week, with Pendant, A90, Susvara, and V280 all hitting my doorstep.

One of the neat design quirks of the 280 is that the RCA connections on the back may be configured as either inputs or outputs. They come pre-configured as inputs, which will take priority over any XLR connections (i.e., if you connect both RCA and XLR sources you’ll only get RCA audio until you disconnect the RCA source). I’d much rather cascade audio to another amp (RNHP lives to fight another day?), so I popped the top to fix those jumpers, and ensure the switchable power supply was correctly configured to 115VAC while I was at it (it was).

The entire chassis is thick milled aluminum, not sheet metal, and the ceiling of the top half has channels running the length of the amp. I assume this was done to add more surface area for better heat dissipation. Regardless, it’s a nice touch that exudes quality even where it won’t be seen and appreciated every day.

Incidentally, while consulting the User Manual to learn how to open the amp and set the jumpers, I was amused to discover that half of the contents are a crash course in amp design rationalizing the thought that went into the V280 design.

Bravo, Lake People! These are folks with whom I’d like to share a beer or a coffee; I’ve no doubt they’d apply the same enthusiastic attention to detail to maximizing the enjoyment of life’s other simple pleasures.

One of my reasons for getting the V280 was to see what untapped potential lay within my 600 ohm 880s. My experience with them out of my THX amps and RNHP did not align with some anecdotes I’d encountered that had enthusiastically related how good they could be. I’d had some exposure to the differences that ample clean power could make with my loudspeakers, particularly when I was choosing my first amplifier for them. I even arranged to bring home several high-end receivers to audition in my home. In the end I went with the same B&K AVR-507 receiver with which they were paired in the demo room where I first heard them.

In any case, I recognized some of the same telltale lackluster sound quality issues in the 880s that I had encountered with lesser amplifiers pushing my speakers. There was no fundamental change to tonality, just a feeling of missing liveliness when they were underpowered. Perhaps it’s about more dynamic range? Faster treble response?

As chance would have it, my ZMF Pendant came in several days ahead of the V280. The 880s were the first headphones I tried on them, and I was immediately blown away. The 880s were night-and-day better than I had ever heard them before: perfectly clear and articulate with precise imaging and a wonderfully natural and spacious sound. Every bit of stuffiness and lackluster character that had made them seem inferior to the DT 1990s evaporated.

Over the past few days I’ve experimented with Pendant and A90, and found the latter somewhat lacking, even on high gain. But the V280 delivers worlds more power at 600 ohms, so I had been looking forward to this pairing.

First thing, I tried them with straight factory settings (no gain). I was able to push the volume all the way to 3:00, and they still sounded noticeably less refined and controlled than on the pendant. I found myself listening on the V280 for 30 seconds at a time, but out of the Pendant I’d forget to switch back, lol.

I arbitrarily toggled the +12dB gain dip switches on the back of the V280 and tried again–jackpot! I now max out comfortable listening volume at about 11:00 on the dial and the sound tightened up to levels similar to the Pendant. Perhaps I could get away with +6dB? Regardless, the 880s are now properly singing.

I owe it to the T1.2s to give them a spin on these new amps to see how they do with more power. I also need to test out Susvara on this beast. Soon…


I had to go inside mine to change the XLR jumpers to the Case position in order to get rid of some nasty hum. Luckily that fixed it.


This unit is back on Drop. Hopefully many Canadians will buy one and then put them up for sale in the New Year. :smile:


how much was the v280 selling on drop ?

Like 1250 iirc

Twelve Hundred Dollars

thanks for the speedy reply! I was looking at a SS for Aryas and VC, looks like this one a real contender… need something to tame the treble on the Ayras a bit. would the V280 or the Flux FA10/12 be a better choice ?

I would personally pretty easily pick the vio here when it comes to signature preference and technical performance. What dac are you using or planning to go with?

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im using a Gustard A22 currently.

Gotcha, you shouldn’t have any issues then :+1: