Warm $100-ish IEM with soundstage

Hey HifiGuides.

Simple (?) request here. I’m looking for a pair of IEM’s around $100 (Bit over is fine, bit under is cool) that have a warm tonality to them, not too aggressive treble and a decent soundstage. Power isn’t a concern so any wacky IEM will go.

I currently own

  • BLON BL-03
  • KZ ZS10 Pro’s
  • Tin T2

All three have a very different sound signature to me. The BL03 sound warm, bit bassy. The KZ I really like with female vocals. And the T2 I find very ‘meh’. Like… They’re are the most detailed out of the three but there’s no song I hear and snap my finger and scream “That’s it! This song belongs on the T2”.

So as you see, these new IEM’s will be my most expensive pair (yes I know, still considered budget) and so I wanna get it sorta right.

  1. I’m high-sensitive; anything with very outspoken highs won’t work, I will wince and throw them out of my ears
  2. I know it’s hard with IEM’s but I love a wide soundstage, so though this doesn’t take priority over the warmth, it’d be nice
  3. Warm. I think that’s the term I’m looking for. Elevated upper-bass and lower-mids…

So. Suggestions?

ThieAudio Legacy 3

The only IEM’s I have are from Tin so all I could recomend is the Tin P1. They are $180 or there abouts so you would have to save up a extra penny or two. But ohhhhhh my are they warm. Like taking a shot of scotch and slipping into a warm bath.

Seem to hear differing opinions on soundstage here. Any experience?

I can get them for 143… so mmm… hmmmm… maybe? xD

P1 is definitely not recommended to you that want a warm tonality and actual bass.

So what would be? :stuck_out_tongue:
All suggestions are welcome!

IMO, warm AND big soundstage are very very hard to achieve and in the 100 usd range, I dont think theres anything with both of them.

I say you should try the mesh mod on the 03, you might be surprised on what it does for it.

So, since I’ve seen your name float around on the forum and assume you have some experience, is there anything else you’d advice?

I have found myself looking at the Sennie IE300 and Mangird Tea but been wondering if it’s worth it over anything in the 100-150 range.

If you can go up to the 300 usd range, there are a few solid recs I can give you for warm and huge soundstage iems.

They would be the LZ A7 and the Sony XBA-N3.

As for how much experience I got…well…

I “just” got 76 iems.

But based on this, the mesh mod should make you happier with the 03. It gets tighter and faster bass so it sounds less bassy, treble is more detailed and soundstage is wider.

If you dont have the materials for the mod, you can just remove the stock mesh and try it out without a mesh. That way you can “demo” how the mod sounds like.

Ah. See I knew I recognized the name xD
Any experience wt the Tea’s? I can’t find the official thread on here.

Yes. If it’s worth it. If the 300 is like 5% better than the 100 then no. If the 300 is like twice as good then of course. LZ A7 and the Sony seem to not be available in my region for a decent price (380 LZ A7 and Sony’s need to be imported from japan as far as I can see which is gonna add 33% taxes :stuck_out_tongue: )

I dont have it.

Diminishing returns is a thing though, but IMO the 300 usd range is my sweet spot for price/performance.

The N3 is available here: Sony XBA-N3AP Bass Sound Tube in-ear headphones (Black) – AccessoryJack
You can send them a mail and ask them how they deal with the tax.

Although, I say you should at least wait for the summer sale that starts on the 15th on aliexpress. A lot of gear will be cheaper then, the A7 should be attainable at around 280 usd.

But you can also wait for my judgement on the GS Audio brand.

They seem to have a lot of interesting iems that are a lot cheaper than their competition (also claim to be an OEM). I have already ordered the GD11 and the GD3A, so I say you should wait to see if they are a treasure horde or if they are just all bark and no bite.

Sheit. They look sweet and you hear them get recommended a ton.

Import taxes from the US are worse than japan :wink:

Imma add everything to my cart and see who drops his price the most :stuck_out_tongue:

im in Sweden with its 25% VAT + 10 usd import fees, beat that. :joy:

Belgium. 21% VAT, 10% import duties and €22 fee for all the ‘work’ bpost has handeling the customswork for you. I think bpost can legitimately beat Postnord in stupidity (though postnord has managed to lose a €89 flashlight from me)

I work in a customs agency and unfrotunately know the fines most people don’t know (hint hint you can get a nice used car for it) so I am not touching under declaring :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’ll see wht the GD11 does for you and keep the A7 and Tea’s further in mind while just enjoying me BLON’s

Definitely wait for more info. I am expecting a lot from GS Audio.

Is that an AliExpress sale, or should I also hold off any big purchases from other stores (specifically hifigo)?

Its on aliexpress, it might be on other stores but not a guarantee.



Pretty sure it’s AliExpress, Alibaba, bangood,… Those kinds of ‘questionable’ stores (where I buy all my shit and have great customer experience with so far)

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