Wells Audio Milo amp, give me your thoughts please

First of all, I just realized we don’t have a specific amplifier category or if we do I couldn’t find or post to it like I wanted to.
I don’t know why, but I got a bug up my ass to purchase the Wells Audio Milo amplifier. It’s allot money tho and I wanted to hear your opinions on it if you have first hand experience with it. I honestly don’t feel I need it so I’m actually trying to find reasons to talk myself out of such a silly purchase. All I own is in my profile if you are wondering what I would try and push with it. I want to know all the bad things about this amp and if it’s really a TOTL like some folks like to declare it. Hmmmm? Someone talk some sense into me or at least bad mouth this thing so badly I can get my mind off it, my wallet and I will thank you.

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just struck me this is another good use of hifiguides.com, talk people out of buying stuff

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I’m still surprised we don’t have a dedicated amplifier category. I’m really curious if anyone has heard it, probably Mon but he’s busy at the moment, I’m sure he’ll eventually tell me all about it💪

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So I have in fact heard it lol and also moved the thread to the appropriate headphone category

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Regarding the actual amp, I will try and talk you out of it instead lol. I think you already have good headphone amps and also tbh I think getting a better headphone might be more worthwhile. I don’t think you really have a headphone that’s deserving of that amp per se

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It’s, been a really long day, My eyes are tired and my anxiety and stress levels are way up, I’m trying to get my mind off real world for a few hours before i have to go thru crap again tomorrow…

Good, that’s what i wanted to know. No point to pissing away money at the wrong time. What’s the next level headphone i need to save up for in your opinion? I need to work myself up to it, and that sometimes takes me a while.

wait, you moved the thread? you got admin privileges here?

nope. I have 0. I just suggested the thread be moved

Magic…poof! 12344567890, sometime you have to look harder and then you fin dthe right button

If I did have admin privileges I would get rid of the stupid char limit

honestly your on hear enough to be a mod or admin

Vote for me for admin and I will immediately remove the character limit lol


No, the character limit forces me to get creative at times when all i want to say is, “yep”…

ok where do I vote?:smile:



That shit ain’t right, though its sure made Me bust out laughing :joy:

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“Make character limits great again”


No please they don’t need to be bigger lol

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Alright, so this amplifier is really as good as those buggers over at Head-Fi say it is, i just need to get me some damned fancy headphones to make it worthwhile. And i repeat to myself, “hell i don’t even like headphones that much…:joy:” I’ve got some serious gear issues. I need to go look at that Panerai watch i was interested in…or maybe a gatling gun. Damned amplifiers, headphones and Dacs…