What are good headphones to use while laying in bed?

not IEM’s. I know they will work, until friction drags them out of your ears when you toss or turn. same goes for ‘most’ headphones…until you toss or turn or tray to lay on your side. then something is being pushed painfully deeper in to your ear canal or pressed against your head painfully.

has anyone ever focused on making a good headphone to use in bed? by good, I mean sounds good, not just comfort.


Honestly, this is a big reason why I made my post for IEM recommendation. Headphones don’t work for me, so currently I am using earpods when on the bed but of course they sound pretty bad (although are comfortable af and never fall out). I didn’t consider that even IEMs would have issues while in bed because the earpods haven’t been falling out.

Maybe the Koss stuff would work. I use the porta pros in bed. They are small don’t really get in the way. You still won’t be able to lay your head completely on its side butvitscthe best I’ve found so far.

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May sound weird, but when I had my pair of Nighthawks, I loved those for listening in bed.

I have tried the PortaPro’s and the KPH30i’s…but they move around too much as on-ears, so that makes them unsuitable.

I was really hoping to hear there was something comfortable to wear when on your side. would also be nice if they disappeared, as in didn’t feel like you were wearing something.

honestly, though…I suspect the real answer is speakers on low volume. :stuck_out_tongue:


The earpods work for me just fine when I am on my side. So maybe airpods pro could work? I have heard that they actually sound decent, but I have not heard them myself or tried them while laying down. Also, they are wireless so no tugging. Maybe someone can confirm if the form factor is similar enough to the earpods that they would while laying on the side.

PortaPro’s work, I used my T50RP’s and M50x’s too.

Are you looking for something you could fall asleep in? A bluetooth speaker might be your best option.

If you lie on your back, the Sennheiser HD 600 series work well since they’re light weight and have a lot clamp—meaning they don’t move around on your head.

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The most comfortable I’ve found that are essentially flush with my ear are the KZ ZS10-Pro. I can lay on my side without them pressing too far into my ear canal, and they don’t fall out as easily as others I’ve tried. Helps they’re also my favorite sounding…

For reference, I also have BL-03, Tin T2, Shoer Tape, and a few TWS models.


you just made me think of custom IEM’s. it makes sense that something molded to fit your ears should be similar, if not better than, your comments on how comfortable the ZS10-Pro’s are.

I’ve fallen asleep several times with my BL-03s in.

I’m a side sleeper, hooks over the ear and keeps in place for me and rests deep enough to not cause extra pressure when on my side.

Yeah, those are not far behind the ZS10 Pros, but stick out just enough further that it makes them less comfortable for me

Edit: I’m also a side sleeper

I really like the elegia while laying back.
The porta pros and ksc75 will work too.

Honestly now, headphones for bed. If you do something okay, but to fall asleep?
I would be afraid to oversleep because I probably wouldn’t hear the alarm clock.
A radio that could stream could be an option.
Or letting small speakers hang over the bed with a streamer or something, would certainly be more convenient.
if the streamer still has a shutdown function like timeshift so much the better.
There are such small boxes that are not bad at all.
Zeo’s posted something with triangle this week.

I use earbuds in bed. Iems when laying on my side get pushed deeper than comfortable levels and headphones just straight up dont allow for it. The whole reason I’m on the earbud kick is mainly for a bed setup to be fully honest


do you know of any “good” earbud? All I have heard of is the Moondrop Chaconne

those are only good if you have the specific case for it… they are the grados of earbuds

yeah and I don’t think they work for me. But they are the only ones that I know of that have any use case for which they are good. (other than if you just need something for a few bucks that make some noise) Would love to hear if you guys know of anything else that is decent

Here is my post on a bunch of cheapies so far

yeah I have seen that but was hoping there was something in the $50 - 100 range that was worth the price. Probably not as earbuds don’t produce a seal (lacks base) and typically don’t point into the ear canal, so the sound quality suffers