What are some of the top Hard Rock / Heavy Metal produced albums

As title says, I’m looking at top produced / mixed / engineered albums in the Hard rock / Heavy Metal genre.

Rage Against the Machine same title album and Tool’s Fear Inoculum are pretty great to test headphones and get a bit analytic.

Any other suggestions ?

When I mean Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, I mean any sous genre : Progressive Rock/Metal, Thrash, Groove, Metalcore, Djent… you name it. Not picky! I just went to be pointed towards albums that have great mixing and recordings, where all the separations are clear and defined. :metal:

Sonder by Tesseract. Anything by Porcupine Tree. Most of Dream Theater. Some of Metallica’s remasters are good, but you have to be careful. Haken’s work generally sounds great. Ozzy’s remastered No More Tears. Those come to mind quickly. There are others.


I rarely see anybody that knows Haken!
I guess they are getting bigger!

I’ve been following them since their second album, Visions.
Absolutely love that band. Seen them live 3 times.

Dream Theater is possibly my #1 band of all time, but haven’t been listening much to them lately.

No More Tears is a great albums.

Thanks for all the great suggestions! Most stuff I know, but haven’t listened in a while. I’ll have to revisit all of them with a different ear!

Found it!

Took me a minute to find this thread. Feel free to revive it. I’m sure we haven’t exhausted well made metal yet :metal:

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Oh yeah!

Ayreon! He’s such a genious composor!
Time to revisit The Human Equation!

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That’s what an amp turn to 11 sounds like! :rofl:


Love the “fuzzy” mix…a fucking classic :metal:

Agreed. Much of Ayreon’s catalog is :ok_hand: The Source and Electric Castle also stand out to me. I haven’t gotten into Transitus quite as much yet, but it has a few outstanding cuts on it.

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I know taste in mixes can be super subjective but I’ll list off a few favorites.

Hail Stan by Periphery is one of my absolute favorites in recent years from a mix standpoint. (Djent?)
The Death Of Me by Polaris (Metalcore)
Nothing Left To Love by Counterparts (Melodic Hardcore/Metalcore)
Melancholy by Shadow Of Intent (Deathcore)
Reclaimer, also by Shadow Of Intent, quite a different mix style between the albums but I love both
Sun Dethroned by Moonshade (Melodeath)
Super throwback here but Slipknot’s self titled still sounds superb to me and I use Sic as a trial track for new gear all the time.

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Hail Stan is great, I never get tired of listening to Reptile!

All your other suggestions, I have no clue! So these will be interesting to discover! Thanks!

The pausing to tune the violin gets me every time.

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A live production too? :metal:

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Bob rock mixed records ? Black album (2020 HDtracks) got 09/08/10 loudness score.

Not sure about HDtracks, but from my brief listening experience on Amazon Music, the Black album mixing doesn’t come out too great.

Everything was too centered and small sounding, not really well divided.
Maybe I need to revisit it though!

The CD is 5 bucks on amazon. Ill get a copy, have a feeling after normalization the waveform will be pretty like the rage album.

Keep me posted if you do!

That album is amazing and it would be even more amazing if it sounded amazing?

Amazing, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

You got it. know i read in another forum this album is the audiophile one.

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