What are you currently saving for?

In the never-ending quest for aural perfection there is a steep curve of $ to spend for last bits of a few % improvement. There are endless options out there with few opportunities to demo/listen to them. In a world of endless options and budget constraints what are the items that are on your wish list that you’re saving up for?

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I’ll start with a few options of mine that I’m looking for:

  1. Dac - Holo Spring 3 KTE w/preamp to replace my Holo Spring KTE ($3700)
    Holo Audio – Spring 3 DAC – Level 1 / Level 2 / KTE | Kitsune HiFi - HoloAudio USA

  2. Amp - Burson Soloist 3GT to upgrade my Soloist 3XP ($2300 pre-sale)

  3. Amp - Ferrum Oor + Hysos combo ($3000)
    OOR + HYPSOS - Ferrum

A few other items I’m considering are Verite Closed, Cayin HA-300 Mk2 (coming end of year), and Holo audio TOTL HP amp (coming ~6 months)


A vacation. :wink:

Probably mest/z1r level iems. Or a really good desktop stack. (Involving one of the soloists!)

VC is on the list. But I am not super enthusiastic about it without a stack.


Want to try one of these but forcing myself to hold off since I don’t need any more amps and shipping is more a pain


I’d also like to get some brise audio stuff but also don’t exactly need it either lol

I do need to get better isolation for some of my tube gear but I haven’t figured out what I want/need there but not looking forward to that expense

I was impressed with the hypsos earlier in the year so I ordered an oor cause I already had the psu so why not, will be curious to see how that holds up

That burson looks quite interesting, if you do decide to go for it would be very interested to see what you think about it


Currently trying to save my own ass from my girlfriend tearing me a new one over buying more shit. :crazy_face: We’re both budget-conscious and try to stay equal on spending, but our thoughts always differ on what’s worth it to each other. Stuff for work always takes higher precedence; she wanted an Apple Watch, I wanted Teas. :innocent:


A lot to be honest and realistically I am not going to be able to get all of them in an instant. I currently have my own list in my phone so that I can keep track on the things that I am planning to get.

  1. In-Ear Monitors, Mangird Tea: Reason? Curiosity for many people in this forum have been telling to get the Teas for a while now and not going to lie, it is going to be my most expensive IEM ever if I ever got the chance to buy it, as long as it does not run out of stock for I do in need of an expensive piece just once just to keep my impulse of myself buying cheap IEMs consecutively.

  2. PC Part, G Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB 4000MHz: Reason? I just want to make my PC much better even though it is better than the previous build that I used to own for like 6 years ago.

  3. Mic, BOYA BY-M1000: Reason? I need a newer mic for the current mic I am using is an old Audio-Technica ATR2500 for talking to my friends is archaic for today’s standard and I am not usually a fan of USB mics for I prefer XLR connection mics since they have given me a lot of pleasant experience thanks to my dad’s sound equipment that he uses back then.

  4. PC Part, Ryzen 7 5800X: Reason? Same reason as my RAM upgrade, just need to make things much better, also I have an excuse to help my brothers receive better parts by giving them my old ones.


What im saving for if its audio what I really want is

1.Rega P1 turntable so I can listen to all these vinyls I bought without even having something to play them on. Im choosing this as its the best value for money ima gonna get in Vinyl and dont think I need anything more expencive than this.
2. Q accoustics 3030i and the stands for them (tho they can wait). I really want these speakers after everything I have heard about them and the price is just so compelling for such a good bookshelfs. Always used to be a floorstander person until Ive heard afew bookshelfs and the pure amout of sound for the money you get is crazy I think and Im not all that interested in wiring up a sub at this point. That being ive heard with these you dont need one anyway so thats a plus.

If its no audio related I am wanting some more car parts for my MX5 MK1 once I get it all ready for its MOT next week once its passed its smooth sailing from there. Saved it from being left outside for about 7 years. Would love to turbo it and add all this over cool shiz to it but alas I think once its passed save some money for maintenance on it first and other hobbies.

I would also love to get into photography and the camera ive been staring at for quite some time the Sony A6000 if I can find a sweet deal on one I may just have to take up on it as I just love taking picture on my phone but alas a proper camera would be worlds better and again mixing with my theme or personality see it how you will. Value the camera is just amazing for how much it costs will do everything I ever want it to.

I cant really think of much else tbh as got uni coming up next week so also need to be spending sparingly haha maybe at somepoint a PC build but also bought a laptop as my desktop replacement so that can wait.

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  • Testec TT-SI 7005 is on my list so I can be less scared when aimlessly probing about

  • Rohde & Schwarz HMC8012 (or any other 5+ digit multimeter) since I am equipped to do fast measurements, but not accurate

  • AKG K-872’s have been on my wishlist for a while, and when it is not more testgear this year, it will be these

  • Tascam BD-MP4K is the last thing on the list for now, can’t be asked to deal with ripping every BluRay I buy before watching them properly


I’ve gotten to a pretty good place with the amp and DAC that I’m using as daily drivers, so I’m currently saving for higher-end headphones and for things to just generally clean up my system:

  • MYSPHERE 3 - hoping for this to be a TOTL open-back to knock my socks off (this could also be a Focal Utopia depending)

  • ZMF Verite Closed - also need a non-fatiguing all-rounder closed-back for listening to during the work day, but I’m trying to hold out for one that’s stabilized

  • PS Audio PowerPlant - I live in an old house and I’ve already had to fight some issues with ground loops and whatnot, so getting my power sorted out seems like maybe the next highest priority after I get the headphones sorted


As for now i don’t have a particular goal, but i do want to upgrade a few things…

My modi3/magni3 stack i would like to upgrade, and preferably get both dac and amp in one “box” for easier cable management and placement. Not started the research yet, but budget will be constrained to the 500-750USD range i would think, so the options are probably limited :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, when i get a new dac/amp, i think it would be a good time to upgrade the Sennheiser hd 58x, and the Hifiman HE-4XX i mostly use. Not really sure what i would end up with here either, I do like the overall sound signature of the 58x better than the 4xx, but the 4xx “thinner but more detailed” bass, so if i could have a headset with even deeper and fuller base, without loosing the details of the 4xx. And, if i could get strong vocal performance and lots of detail (without being fatiguing) in the highs, that would be ideal. Budget would probably have to be over 1000USD to get something that really makes a difference :slight_smile:

Sennheiser HD600
Crack w/Speedball

I like warm sound!


49" Ultrawide monitor

A higher end set of Hifiman headphones than my Sundaras

Feliks Echo Mk II

E-Flite DRACO 2.0m

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Do Sundara or Hifiman ever go on sale? Or should I just get at full price?

Saving up for the finalization of my gaming setup…

49 inch monitor(the samsung one lol) paired to a tall screen so I can check forums like this or alternatives which will be handy for the things I do(similar to the tall screen you see zeos have)

My custom keyboard is almost done but I wanna finish it up, I gotta get some different switches while I like these I want to get some Zilents in it and replace or clean the stabs as the one I got here has the stabilizers over lubricated causing the space to stick a little bit…

Building up a custom desk at some point…

big ass custom mouse pad with my gaming insignia(that none of you will probably ever see / recognize lol)

New headphone stand… I always wanted a good stand or two for my setup… but I just use blocks or the cases the headphones come with… I want a spot for my headphones like the T1

Schiit Tyr(maybe? I am interested in it since I heard about it since its supposedly the biggest amp from schiit… since I am a huge fan I am keeping my eye on it)

some form of upgrade past the Bifrost 2 if one exists that I can find enjoyable… since I might get the tyr I may look into Yggdrasil at some point

full speaker setup for my desk… as much as I love my headphones when I am not with the boys I like to have my headphones off and relaxing… sounds important to me and I want an upgrade past the klipsch pro media 2.1 I have now at my desk

Finish my pc build… finding a damn 3080 is a chore and a half…

and then the big ass purchase of next year… getting the big house finally

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My first setup!

Aeon Open RT + the new Topping DX3 Pro+ (once some reviews come out)

Potentially a Sendy Aiva or T60RP though…

A very, very big goal: Sony FX6.

I’m still not set on the exact cinema camera I want to settle on, but the FX6 appears to have all the features I am looking for for a reasonable price.

The full FX6 setup would probable cost me around $10k.


actually, I should say that my dream ha always been to have 3x DAC and 3x AMP…one that is suitable for each ‘type’ of sound…warm, neutral and cool, allowing me to mix it up.

I would also like a decent pair of IEM’s to use when in bed.


Mytek Brooklyn Dac +

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HA-300 mk2 being shown this weekend! Been saving forever for totl SS amp but this sure is calling my name.


I am saving pocket change to get a Verum at the end of the year, but i’m not sure if i’m gonna get it, i’m satisfied with my current headphone (shocker!)