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Selling an old smartphone over a sale website and contacting the buyer.

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Just sat down to watch the F1 race at Austin, TX. on F1tv.

Picture not from today, but its my usual f1 setup. F1tv race feed on my tv, trackmap/drivercam on my old macbook and my current laptop, also i have twitter up for some f1 memes during the race :slight_smile:

Sitting on my bed, contemplating life.

Lets just say it has to do with the internet and tissues.

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Yeah Bambi makes me cry too :grinning:

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Grading, ad infinitum.

Still grading. Thank God for stacking things on my desk so I can work standing or I’d have fallen asleep in a chair for sure. The bottoms of my feet hurt. Looks like an all-nighter, if I’m lucky I’ll get a shower in.

Thinking tissues are not only good for wiping tears and a nose. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Watching this.

I am organizing purchases for my website.

waking up…dreaming of coffee and whether I want to make the effort to make some oatmeal.

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Typical morning routine. Wake up before the family. Drink a cup of coffee, check out hifiguides and listen to some music. A quite house first thing in the day with those things and my dogs by my side really help set the day right. In a few minutes I’ll wake the kids up and while they’re eating breakfast get ready for work. Then off to school they go and work for me.

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Finishing of work for today. I have a short commute, so i took half my lunch break to drive home to work from home the last few hours. So just hope s**t does not hit the fan the last 10minutes or so before i’m off the clock :smiley:

Waiting for my 19:00 session to finish the day :nerd_face:

I just set up my ammunition assembly line on my worktable in my shop and I’m about to start turning out .338 handloads measured to my personal specs for some competitive shooting I’ll be doing next weekend. Also, listening to the new King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard album and enjoying some very nice Redbreast 27 Irish Whiskey while I’m at it. Nothing like the smell of gunpowder and whiskey with the sound of aome new tunes to make for a great, relaxing Friday night.

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Just cooked breakfast…


laying in bed surfing HFG on my phone…

enjoying a Kettle One and tonic browsing and enjoying the Grohl’s

Cooking Curry :fire: