What are your go to music for sleeping?

Nowadays I just use some rain sounds to help me sleep better and have an overall good rest. But back then the song I play on my phone to help me sleep is the song Champagne Supernova by Oasis and it gives off that feeling that I just want to let it all go and just sleep like there’s no tomorrow. I got to wonder what music you use before you sleep?

I find some chill electronica on Spotify and let it roll…

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like my regular listening, something instrumental. :slight_smile:

Depending on how tired i am I can’t sleep because of music but when i can it still has to be instrumental and a hw edit because the constant change of songs really dosent let me focus on sleep

I’ve never been able to have music on for bedtime. Too much stimulation, I find myself listening too intently to fall asleep.

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Yeah, like to have a fan on for noise, but not music because I wouldn’t be able to sleep

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that’s how I find myself now…but when I’m lying down trying to wind down to sleep I usually have something low in the background, otherwise it’s a fan for white noise.

My fan blasting on high.
Comes from growing up where my neighbors were jerks who played tv till 3 in the morning every night. Because my bedroom window was across from their living room
Other than that white noise or ambient tracks

Sometimes soft vocal tracks too or podcasts

I sooo wanted to have a better answer for this…like I can only sleep to Philip Glass’ Einstein on the Beach or Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music or something.

white noise is needed by a lot of people to sleep now.

a funny story of some people my inlaws know (MiL was their house cleaner). they moved from the big city to a much smaller town to get away from the hussle n bussle in their older years. they lived by a train crossing or station and found that they couldn’t sleep because there was no noise. so what did they do? went back to the area they’re from, recording the train and played it at night on a loop so they could sleep, LoL!


Wow lol that’s pretty intense. Straight up recording it’s sound to help them sleep haha

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For you city folks who can’t sleep without sirens and traffic sounds.

I listened to the whole two hours and never heard some of the more interesting sounds that I heard when I lived in Baltimore. But maybe that’s another story.

Ambient Music does it for me:

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My go to right now and it is effective for me enough.

I must be weird (friends would likely agree). I usually listen to progressive metal, such as Riverside, IQ, Threshold, Pink Floyd etc, sometimes pushing it up a notch to symphonic metal (Nightwish, Epica…) for a little while before sleeping. This music helps me relax and unwind. I’ve fallen asleep listening to Brothers Of Metal blasting through iems a few times.


Haha it is quite strange! But whatever helps you sleep!

Used to do that, but over time I found that it was distracting and kept me awake at least as often as it helped me sleep, so I moved to more instrumental / boring music without too many attention-grabbing features, and also to turning it down more and muffling its highs and high-mids to make it seem more like it’s coming from the neighbors. Not sure why but it’s somehow more sleep-inducing if it sounds like it’s from another room, I guess it gives the subliminal impression there are people staying active nearby while you’re going to sleep, so you’re safer from predators or something (mammalian brains huh).

But it also depends on how much brain buzz I’ve got going while turning in. Sometimes I’m tired/relaxed enough that silence is the best option, other times I’m too wired to go directly to silence so I need some non-boring music to actively listen to for a while just to go down a few brain energy levels first.

Also, if I’m going for a near-constant non-musical sound I will avoid shrill stuff like white noise or watery sounds (triggers the tinnitus) and go for more like a Star Trek ship engine noise, which is more bass-focused. :slight_smile:


Used to lisen to whatever i was into at the moment, at very low volume, as i would start to listen too much to fall asleep if the volume was to high.

Now i mostly listen to podcasts. Usually i tend to listen to the same podcast a few nights in a row to get most of it as i tend to fall asleep after about 15min or so :slight_smile:

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Twitch ASMR :upside_down_face: