What are your top 5 American tv shows?

Mine are
1.Witcher 3
2.Game of Thrones
3.The 100
4.Fear The walking dead(still on season 4)
5.??? any recs?

In no order:
The 100
Breaking Bad
Halt and Catch Fire (very underrated)
Stranger Things

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Wait…what’s criteria here? All time? What…

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Not is any order:

Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul
Babylon 5
Game of Thrones
Star Trek (all of them :D)

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  1. NCIS
  2. Game of thrones
  3. Parks and Recreation
  4. Silicon valley
  5. The big bang theory
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Trending now.
The crown
Mindhunters/ozark (mindhunters didnt get picked up ozark did.)

Do a all time and shouldve got another season.

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I find it kind of difficult to list five that I’d definitely say yes these are my favourite ever, but I definitely know that these two are currently my top:

Battlestar Galactica (the newer version)
Twin Peaks

I’m not quite sure yet whether I’d say Mandalorian is definitely up there with the other two, but it is very close.

Others that I really liked until later seasons:

The walking Dead
Game of thrones

And a few to mention that I really like but not sure if they quite make a top five for me:

The expanse

I’ve forgot to mention Netflix shows but I’m also forgetting my favourites off the top of my head from there :sweat_smile:
Is there a reason for specifically just American shows?

Walking Dead(till around season 5)
Stranger Things
Twighlight zone(original and J.P.)
Star Treks

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no not all time ! i dont like old tv shows you know like 90s :joy:

i watched a few episodes today of Stranger Things it is pretty damn good ! those kids are adorable :joy:

Is there a reason for specifically just American shows?

i guess as long they speak english.I mean im filipino but i despise our own TV shows :joy:

  1. True Detective season 1
  2. The Sopranos
  3. The Wire
  4. Taboo
    5.-7. Narcos, The Punisher, Westworld

GoT has no place in my top 10 because they pretty much ruined it with 7th and 8th season.

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Im biased toward shows with production audio/video along with story. Movie trivia: several actors on GOT had roles in the movie kingdom of heaven- (2005)

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Not strictly speaking American given that one of the production companies is British and some of the funding came from the BBC.

Guess that opens up a slot in my picks.

Or you could ignore me as being overly picky :slight_smile:

Need that else i go off into the woods.

Going with the boys on amazon to complete top 5 .

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To be honest I can’t really think of a full top five list but I can tell you two that would be definitely be on mine. They’re both “old” though by the stated criteria. :slightly_smiling_face:
Rescue Me

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  1. breaking bad
    rest dont come close

Very difficult to pick a top 5 (there are so many i like) but here are some honorable mentions :

Arrested development (especially the 3 first seasons)
Rick and Morty
The Orville
The Rookie
That 70s show (atleast until season 4, it started going downhill after that i felt)

and tons of others… i do watch way too many tv shows :stuck_out_tongue: