What dac is best for my headphone and amp

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Hey, guys so I just bought the SMSL SP200 THX AAA 888 and the argon t50rp mk3 and I was wondering what the best DAC would be for my headphone and amp. I’m a bass head and a fluffy casual gamer.

Something like the enog 2 pro or the smsl su8 are pretty solid pairings imo, would match well

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Hey I really wanted to get the smsl su-8 but the problem is that my max budget (including tax and shipping) is $249. The smsl su-8 are around 268 with tax and shipping included. Also I need a usb to connect to my computer on my dac.

If you wait, from time to time you can grab a su8 for around 200 when they go on sale if you are in the us

what about the Topping E30? as I found out with my recent aquisition of the ENGO2 Pro…it’s not wire friendly. it has cables coming out front and back, making a mess on your desk. most DAC have cables only out the back.

Just to check, are you sure it was him?

Let’s discuss this in a PM

What other good dacs would you recommend

ifi zen dac is pretty nice and in your price range

Zen dac is nice, warmer smoother sounding dac

ended up liking it more with the dv than the enog2… on paper I would’ve thought the opposite

I was able to secure a smsl su-8 and I was wondering what cables I should buy for my Modhouse Argon and the new headphones I just bought the Hifiman Sundara. My budget is around 25 dollars each

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Pretty nice headphone :+1:

You actually wouldn’t need to recable since the sp200 preforms pretty well unbalanced actually, almost equal so I don’t know if recabling at this point is worthwhile

I was just wondering what cables to buy I will up my budget to 60 dollars a cable. Im thinking about the 8 - TYPE 8 - DUAL 3.5MM periapt cable. What do you think

That would work just fine for the sundara, for the t50p it’s a different cable

Which one would I get than

You would want this cable for the t50 with the pro xlr option

Ok I found out that I am down to 60 dollars because i spent my paycheck what other cables can i buy for my headphones that are a small bit cheaper

And I’m not sure what other cables work with the t50rp balanced

Sorry to continue this topic but what do you think the hifi man Sundara preform for gaming. I bought the t50rp for music and the hifi Sundara for gaming. Will they preform or did I mess up