What did you buy today? (Part 2)

I am LOVING the Vector Synth. This thing is everything I hoped it would be, and the setup (MIDI config for my DAW, binding of polyphonic aftertouch to controls, etc) is a breeze.

If you’ve ever owned or operated a synthesizer, whether software or hardware, you know that not every synth makes sound design (creating presets) a simple affair. Some synths have many pages of controls and UI stuff, and it can be overwhelming. Others are more focused on sound design.

The Vector synth, while having what some could call an overwhelming amount of UI features along with a novel style, has actually intuitively focused the RIGHT controls in order to allow the producer to quickly (less than 15 mins of learning) become proficient with sound design, performance controls, and even more advanced routing and controls. The 7" multitouch screen is very good, very reliable, and lends itself well to the aforementioned focused design philosophy.

My glorious new fully MPE Vector synth! It arrived in less than 5 days… FROM CZECHOSLOVAKIA!

One critique: the Vector synth’s line out or headphone out both develop what sounds to me like digital distortion if the internal volume is turned up too high. I realized that if I plug this into my audio interface’s regular line level inputs, which do not have analog gain control, I have to turn the Vector’s volume up to around 60%, which introduced some light distortion.

So I swapped inputs, and took over my 2 main analog inputs (guitar and mic…), switched them to line-level, and used their analog gain to boost the input signal from the Vector. With the volume down around 30-40, there is no distortion ever, but the high gain analog inputs pickup a little hiss because of the gain. Its not a big deal and the hiss is very low, but this is a fact. I swapped cables, power, etc, and this is all consistent, and I dont use any USB hub for this, so I think it is the device.

I give this synth 9/10 so far, with the -1 being because of the distortion. My microKORG XL+ and my Arturia Microfreak synths do not generate any distortion on any input in a similar environment, same power circuits, etc.


I recently did a 180 on some headphones that I was trying to sell (Nectar Sound Bee’s). I am enjoying them and decided to keep them.

Also, today I ordered the new Ambrosia dynamic headphones from the same company.

So, in my little pea brain the signals went from “Sell those, they are not working out at all!” To “Never mind, keep them and buy more!” :grin:


Anyone here into basketball shoes? No IEMs at the moment since the Simgot EA500 is still going strong for my use and somehow just keeps getting better and better like wine? Anyway I got these 2 sneakers since one, my older sneakers are getting beaten up due to the lack of indoor courts here and I am not seeing them holding up anymore for further use. And two, these were on sale and I wanted 2 sneakers that is very durable for outdoor use.

If you guys are curious, the names of the shoes are the Li-Ning Way of Wade Son of Flash the first pictures, and the Li-Ning Way of Wade Shadow 4, both are just great hoop shoes both for indoors and outdoors for I have used them both for a while now.


Reference Sound Five has just arrived :microphone:


My set of the XSL X-One has finally arrived. Got some Moondrop Variation tuning filters to go with them for possibly tuning them, wish I got more types to play around with as I bought this set for a fun tuning project due to the driver. Definitely a darker IEM with pretty boomy bass from initial impressions. If anybody could suggest some types of mods to help control the bass and boost the other areas it would be appreciated.


I bought some music today!



Nice additions to the collection, I think. That’s the cool thing about CD’s… you get to play with the jacket material while you listen! There is still something to be said for that.

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Because I dont own a Sound Ryhme and I just need another IEM with tuning switches!