What did you buy today? (Part 2)

The Performer 5 graphs similar with a bit more gain and treble extension, and I almost jumped at those.

The Explorer is very good, the sound is smooth and coherent. It is slightly dark, and I really like the low pinna gain. I am really enjoying the bass, and the graph is telling the same story my ears are. The roll off in the treble only shows on some cymbal strikes, but it is the harmonics that seem turned down, so it is still there just not as forward. It makes them very non-fatiguing, which I always enjoy.

The shells are a nice size and very comfy. My ears are just small enough that some popular IEMs are either too wide, or the nozzles are. The Explorer should be fine for nearly anyone. Also the case, cable and stock tips are really good.

I am glad you got an IEM that you can enjoy, as for the sound signature of it being Dark? I don’t know man, maybe I have yet to find an IEM that has a dark signature that can intrigue me. Lately I have been into sounds that are a bit on the brighter side, especially when most of the sound signatures that I have been enjoying are from Simgot which is weird, since I prefer more of a neutral/balanced signature but the EA500, EM6L and EA1000s have like mild-V shapes/Harman tuning, and I am not much of a fan of the V-shape sound. I guess Simgot really did a good job presenting that signature, at some point though I want to have a neutral set but I don’t know where to start, especially in 2024.

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Bought the ONIX XM5 going to see what a ES9039SPRO dac tuned the British way spunds like!


Really interested in hearing your thoughts on this one has been on my radar together with their new dongle. One point if I could request is your view on having this a dac&amp for the pc aswell as dap on the go?

Looking forward to your take too. I grabbed the m5u during the Spring Sale. Pretty happy with it. I’ll probably keep it over the m6u. The physical layout and functionality of the xm5 looks great.

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OG EJ07, a music filled weekend ahead of me, looking forward to it.

Man, Letshouer is pretty cool to deal with. They offered me een free dongle, but I declined so they let me choose a cable instead. Bought through Ali.

Super fast shipping and knowledgeable/professional representative. Had to pay minimal import fees too. I’m a Letshouer fan now, at least as seller :+1:


Another Letshouer fan here (Joseph is great to talk to/deal with)
Enjoy the OG man! It´s a fantastic set and got some special sauce to it.
Make sure to leave a few words and comparisons after the weekend :slight_smile:


My ZMF AO 2024 LTD just arrived. :grin:


Congratulations. A beauty, it is. Looking forward to getting your impressions. :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks, it will be a little while due to break in / burn in, and pad swapping that needs to be done. Granted I can say that first impressions are overall positive :wink: . The sound will also change yet again when I finally get my Yggdrasil MIB next year. lol

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Lets go!~ Estimated to ship out in July.


I have to get these and it arrived. Reasons? I am curious about it, heard some good things about it and I need it for my EA1000 for I am getting tired of Simgot’s stock eartips, they’re not bad but it could have been better given by its price, not to mention at some point I am going to get a modular cable for my EA1000s to make it even better somehow, though the stock cable is already excellent but it’s not modular.


I am genuinely not ready to give impressions yet… but the S17 Pro arrived about an hour ago.

I’ll likely post some impressions in the atrium thread later as it’s the primary headphone I use.



Next to the Atriums


I/O Audio Volare, These landed with the retailer in my city just a few days ago and I grabbed them instantly. I was super excited for all the hype that’s going around and I just love the sound <3 Clean, Crisp, and well-defined.


Brother I have been eyeing this one as well. But recently too many audio purchases won’t allow me to do that lol. Although I still have ES9039SPro implemented in my XD05 Pro. I guess you also have it, would you please share some comparisons once you get the Onix and tag me? Sorry i am having an idiotic memory now a days and i forget things lol.

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I ordered these yesterday in fact. One concern is that DHL is to deliver them & Ive not even once had anything successfully delivered by DHL without some bogus delay & they never make it to my house where UPS & FedEx make deliveries all the time. I always have to go pick it up myself when DHL is involved.