What Did You Learn Today (TIL)?

I have learned a ton of tips, tricks, recommendations, and information from these forums the last few months. I just wanted to make a thread that has a nice place to read about what you have learned about today.

This one sounds trivial, but I have to check for it every time I reinstall TIDAL. Make sure you select your DAC and place it in Exclusive Mode so it can do its job without your PC getting in the way.


this is a strange one, but based on the amounts of comments i learned that the 58x is more popular than the 4xx. which is frankly slightly surprising, mostly because the 4xx have a sound signature that i feel would be really popular (altho…as someone who owns both and prefer the 58x considerably more i get it ha)

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Learned that planars need proper power to function properly.

I powerd my ifi zen dac with my phone for a few weeks and when i plugged back in and it sounds better. I also started to realise that there is a sweet spot volume for my He400i 2020 where every thing will be presented properly, anything lower that that lacks alot of things and it will sounds bad.