What did you watch today?

The Vast of Night. Muy bueno little retro sci-fi flic on Amazon. Highly recommend.

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Never got around to this one. Is it in currently in one of the streaming services?

Got on the 4k bluray. Itunes got a bundle deal for all 3 movies.

Didnt catch this, thanks for the heads up!

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Dunno if best thing generally, but the best current sci-fi series for sure, probably the best since… Battlestar Galactica? And the most realistic sci-fi series in terms of space physics too, plus it has those elements of gameofthronesy complexity where romance but also political power but also economic power but also backstabby spy action but also out-of-this-world Factor X can drive the plot in all kinds of mind-blowing directions.

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Watched JoJo Rabbit today. Enjoyed it.


just started a new series called Project Blue Book.

Yessir +1. This has been my baseline for quite some time.


wrong thread hombre

Haha dude thank you

Joker, well it was different and i kinda wanted more of the insanity that is joker.
Still a good movie.

The martian 4k bluray extended addition. Looks great got some good surround moments story is entertaining enough. 8/10.

The Eddy

…has good jazz music.

Flash gordon (1980) 4k blu-ray. The treble is a brutal ear stabbing, no atmos. Picture quality, eye candy. Pre-CGI 70s campy glory. 7/10

Well, I don’t mean all of it, but the miniseries and most of seasons 1-2 were reference-grade. I started getting more and more bored and then annoyed the more they made it about conversations-in-rooms about what “god” or “the gods” want from us, and the ending was ‘meh’ at best. But the sci-fi sci-fi in it was top notch.

Other Music, a documentary about the “Other Music” store in New York.

Raised by Wolves. 3 episodes in, the visual effects, great. The writing, hamfisted with huge gaps of equal parts detail and logic omitted.

“Away” Plot- lots of crying and ripe with emotion, Real lifetime network vibe. Dolby vision/atmos, netflix still hasnt fixed sound bleeding in-out through the rear channels.cgi wonky, 4k resolution is pretty good when my internet is in a good mood.
The landing attempt in ep. 10 is the best atmos surround in the entire series. 6/10