What did you watch today?

Since we share music recommendations, why not recommendations of TV shows or movies? With so much content and limited time, it means that what I wind up watching is usually looked into ahead of the commitment since I can’t invest time in a show that’s shit to bail out.

Didn’t want to turn this into a list of 20 shows recommended but more of a discussion, so starting with stuff that’s out now.

Perry Mason (HBO) Typical HBO, heavy on story and character development, it’s also a depression era period piece. I’m really enjoying the combination, fantastic acting and a great foundation for future seasons as it looks like every new season will involve a new case. Kind of the same thing they did with True Detective but with continuity and characters you care about.

Umbrella Academy (Netflix) Not big into Super Hero, Marvel/DC universe stuff but this has been entertaining, the story line is interesting, with good foundational characters and story line that makes you want to ask questions. The acting is solid overall with a couple of very good standouts. A little bit of TV pain but for the most part it’s a good solid, show and the second season progressed the story and was even better than the first.

I’m a HUGE fan of The Expanse, but I’ll leave that to its own special post. :slight_smile:


Thanks for heads up on perry mason, didnt follow the show on network tv but since its not just tv its HBO gotta look into that.
Ubrella academy interesting enough storyline great visuals sountrack/score sound very nice upmixed.

Dark on nextflix is another good one with story and musical score.

just finished episode 9 of Condor season 2.

My go-to recommendations are:
Black Mirror
Haunting at Hill House
Battlestar Galactica

I will look into Perry Mason, thanks. I have also heard that The Americans is a very good show, but have not seen it myself. Can anyone confirm?

In terms of shows, my main recommendations are always:

The Wire
The Sopranos
Generation Kill
True Detective (season 1 & 2)
The Shield
Breaking Bad
Boardwalk Empire

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Taken from true events so keeps you watching. Never could sit through the wire skipped to the end.

Another really good show to watch, Mindhunter (Netflix). It’s actually a real life borrowing of the FBI’s nascent serial killer profiling program. Great acting, slow, thoughtful and sometimes a mindf**k into the world of historical serial killers as portrayed in the show by the FBI investigators as they try to learn about the subject directly from the convicted killers.

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Little hard to follow at first but well put together story line since they tie up the complexities well, not just superfluous filler.

Mindhunters is awesome, netflix better not give that one the axe.they greenlight some real stinkers. Got to rewatch the new season of dark figure out whose who, Im dim.

I can’t wait for season 3. There isn’t much action, but it still some how remains exciting.

My personal favorites are:
True Detective season 1, probably my all time favorite(didn’t like season 2, but season 3 was alright)
Generation Kill
The Sopranos (atleast 1 rewatch in a year)
The Wire(atleast 1 rewatch in a year)
The Punisher season 1
The Americans
Might as well add Game of Thrones, but the last two seasons ruined it for me and made it not rewatchable.

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I caught up on the Umbrella Academy on Netflix.

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Now here goes some geekdom.

The Expanse, originally on SciFi now on Amazon Prime) The best thing on TV currently IMO. Just a fantastic screen adaptation of the books, with a real world grit of space that it entirely believable as to how we’ll get from here to there in 300 years… warts and all.

The first season starts out slow cause you think you’re watching a private eye story in space… but eventually you catch on. What you’re watching is mans first contact with a lifeform outside of our solar system. 4 seasons and counting of a 9 book series.


is that worth a watch? it looks a bit wack imo

I have enjoyed it so far, this is NOT heavy duty sci-fi with great plots, the acting is fine but the story line is a bit convoluted and silly. I don’t get into these story lines too heavily, it does entertain me, i would rate at a c+ or B-

cgi looks good i recall.

The eddy netflix steve guttenburg suggested.

Homecoming on amazon.

Took a full load of Umbrella Academy on Netflix.
Season 1 and Season 2.

Upload on Amazon is pretty great…lots of great q’s about how humans tech and what could potentially come down the pipes…great ethics behind the tech kinda scenerios.

Blade runner 2049.

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