What do you have for flashlights?

yup, that’s the one! thought it was LED though…guess I was wrong, but like you said, it still made a good bit of light, LoL!

How’s that work? What I’ve seen done so far is they put the button on the end for way lower chances of in-pocket activation (Fenix), but that often makes “candle” positioning a no-go. Orr they put it on the side with a ridge around it or just flatten/deepen it into the body (Olight), but that makes it a b**ch to find just by touch (I still have to spin it like 540 degrees before I find the button in the dark most times, like it’s a goddamn USB-A lol).

it has a slide lock on it that if it’s not fully into the unlock position the button won’t turn the flashlight on.
I can try to take a picture of one tomorrow if I remember


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