What do you use for study music?

I like something that is calm yet upbeat but not loud or intense. I’ve found a bit like this, but it’s usually a solo instrument and I find it to be distracting.

@Marzipan Try looking up “brain music for studying.” A lot is classical, which is proven to be effective, baroque in particular, but there are other genres too. Of course being an audiophile with existing tastes complicates things a bit, lol.

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I should mention that I use Spottily Premium and YouTube Premium, if that helps with existing playlists you know of or have used. :slight_smile:

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Try Hernan Cattaneo’s free mixes at Mixcloud: Mixcloud

Cattaneo is the best deep house DJ in the world, IMO. The mixes are moody and melodic, with lower beats per minute than most EDM.

Fantastic for focus work.

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Calm but upbeat sounds like a case for Suduaya

Or Kalya Scintilla

Two great Albums :heart::ok_hand:t2:

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Study music turns work music for the olds. When creative content is happening it HAS to be non-vocal. I’m fairly flexible, but vocals distract me. It’s also where head-fi is important for me. Focussing.


Not something i’m really into, as then the music would gradually take focus from the reading :stuck_out_tongue: Preferably something without vocals and a steady beat so it can be more like white noise to drown out other noises rather than music, if you know what i mean. A catchy song would derail me pretty fast :slight_smile:

@lrjshabaz @Knutmh yes, anything single instrument or any vocals would be distracting…something for the brain to focus on when you are trying to avoid just that. LoL


I like this one. Use it all the time.

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I should peep that. I do love the first Eno ambient record, particularly

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Eno? who or what is that?

You joshin me?
Mr Brian Eno.

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nope…and didn’t really care for that album either. too slow…

i like to play her album covers of classical works while i am doing focus based things.

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Agree 100 percent. That’s why I dig the Cattaneo deep house mixes. No vocals.

I used to listen to a lot of Lenny Ibizarre when i was studying.

Finals season is upon us, so any students on this Forum could benefit from this thread!
Of course, there is YouTube’s 24/7 LoFi beats to study to radio…but I personally find instrumental Jazz and House keep me locked in without the distraction of words. If there are words, it’s usually in languages I can’t speak/understand so I don’t tune into the words. See the Jazz thread on this forum as well for great instrumental suggestions!

Deep house mixes from Argentine DJ Hernan Cattaneo, one of the masters of the genre.

Moody, melodic, fantastic.