What headphone(s) do you really want?

that you actually could realistically afford in the short term?

for me? the HD600…


I have no idea actually, there really isn’t anything in my radar that I would want to pick up at the moment


you have shown yourself not to suffer from the limitations of the common man…so you are excepted from this discussion. LoL! :wink:


There were 2, 1 down, Grado GS 1000e, I really wanted to add the sound signature to my collection, not in hand yet but enroute.
Next will most likely be the Senn 800s, I want that sound signature too.
Well then, afterwards, maybe, we’ll see, i need a closed back, just because i guess. That one is still up in the air…

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HD820, and apparently theres a 10 character minimum before you can post lol.

phew for me this is a long list. Hopefully once I audition some of these it will cut the list down. Although it’s possible it will have the opposite effect. As of right now these are the most interesting to me, in rough order of most to least interested

T60rp’s most likely modding them to Argons
emu teaks

also a handful of IEMs

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remember guys…not headphones you dream about…headphones you know you could get…like say in the next 3 months.

I mean that will vary wildly based on the person. For some that is the 1000+ tier

that’s fine…I was just making sure that everyone knows this discussion is based on the hard reality of our economic situation…not some dream state we drool in. LoL!


Meze 99 , DT 880,1990,770,177x, Elex, utopia lcd2s just of the dome right now

Would you ideally own all 4 of the beyers? or do you think there’s some overlap between the models?

Argons…wanted to order some, but since I have no credit card and I’m in Germany its not that easy. But time will bring a pair to me.


Panasonic RP-HD10

Could just order it, but very not sure if I want to.

no debit / credit cards? over here in Canada and the US, we have debit cards that also act as credit cards but tap into our checking account balance. living without a credit card is really hard this day and age…this makes it easy.

that said, resellers love transfers, then they don’t worry about credit card losses. however, that does put the buyer at some risk as they lose any option of recourse via the credit card company if something goes sideways.

lastly, if you haven’t done it yet, Coma…you should be able to get what’s called a ‘secured’ credit card. no credit check is needed as they take a cash deposit that equals the balance the credit card can hold. it operates exactly like a credit card but if you default, they have the deposit to pay. they have a higher interest rate and a lousy yearly management fee, but they’re really good for those who can’t have a credit card from filing for bankruptcy or are working on building their credit rating in general.

those look interesting. not very expensive…what makes you want them?

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I am waiting for my Lcd2c and Ebony to arrive. That should do for a while. Isn’t it?

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sorry David, your submission doesn’t qualify as they’ve already been purchased. :wink:

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Lol, I must be sick, because since I ordered them I am watching Focal videos in YouTube. Please help me! What’s wrong with me?

there is nothing wrong with looking at Focal’s. to fit your budget, gun for the Elex!

I’m seriously broke…like so broke I’m scrounging to find a way to buy the Little Dot Mk II amp for my HD599se’s. :frowning:


I’ll probably pick up a Verite Closed this month for my Birthday.