What headphones can i get as an intro to audiophile world?

My budget is at $200 max. If possible, the price should include a DAC or portable dac that could power it. I’ve just discovered I wouldn’t like recessed midrange. Kindly give your recommendations. I have no previous experience in listening to good headphones.

I’ve been following the entire community for a while now, and so I heard a little bit of every advice. But I know I will 100% trust the advice which is given here. r/headphones is not for newbies like me to adventure in lol.

Shure SHP9500? Is that considered as entry audiophile? Or just entry to good sound? Thanks in advance!

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The shp9500 is pretty decent but it’s not my favorite. What stands out for what you want at first glance would be the HD58x, something easy to drive and is a bit warmer sound with great build, comfort, and detail for the price imo. The shp is most likely an upgrade over the consumer headphones, but I would suggest spending a bit more to get a more refined headphone (like perhaps more on something like an HD58x lol). What type of music do you listen to? Also in this price range I would just suggest getting something easier to drive and waiting on a dac/amp to prioritize the headphones


Thanks a lot @M0N! Alright HD58x it is then! I listen to a variety of music, anything that sounds good really. I’ve been listening to a lot of songs with female vocals in them recently, so that’s how i got to know that I like my midrange lol. Other than that, I listen pop and classical mostly. Just a heads up, I can’t get anything from amazon since the price gets really high. Are they easily available online through ebay or other websites you would recommend? Okay I will focus only on the headphones for now then! Thanks a lot!

They are available on drop.com as they are an exclusive, but you can look on eBay and see if someone is selling a new or open box unit. Are you in the US?

No sadly not. I’m in Mauritius. Audio equipment is not ‘out there’, my only option is online.

Ah, that may not be an option then unfortunately unless you can find one on eBay or another site

I feel you, I lived a few years in Tanzania. My shopping was like this: buy in Amazon, send to my dad in Spain, my dad packs the stuff and sends to Africa, two months later the stuff arrives, bribe the post man/woman so they don’t charge you absurd taxes, enjoy the stuff…

The 58x is normally on ebay quite a bit and would be a very nice headphone for you… if the shp9500 is an option then it’s not a bad route to go and youd likely be quite happy with it… koss ksc75, porta pro and kph30i (buy all 3 lol) are all inexpensive and very highly regarded entry level options that I think are a nice place to start as well… 58x if at all possible though :+1:… good luck


Yeah i totally understand!

Thanks! My hunt for the 58x begins!


The HD58x are a ridiculous bargain for the price as they sound great. Good luck hunting!


Hey! I’m from Mauritius and living in the US. I’m coming back to Mauritius to visit in April, if theres anything I can do to help let me know.


What are the odds lol That’s great, hopefully you two can work something out.


Hifiguides brotherhood!! We’re gonna be bigger than the masons!!!


Oh wow thanks! I wasn’t expecting to see a fellow Mauritian on here! I’m interested in getting those hd58x for the moment! I don’t know if drop.com ships here yet. If it does, I won’t bother you lol. Or if you know somewhere else that offers the headphone at a better price, that would be great!

You can probably catch a used one on ebay

Just checked on drop. It can be purchased for $165 including shipping. Should i click buy or is it available for cheaper elsewhere.

Hifishark.com is a great website to search for used Audio gear.

Will it actually be shipped to your location though? If it can be bought from drop that would be cool, but idk if they actually will

It should be, i guess, there’s the name of the country in the list.