What headphones have you tried and do not like overall?

I know it is given that Beats are just overall overpriced garbage and it is universally known that they are not exactly known for their good sounds. I am just wondering if you guys have tried any headphones and you are not a fan of it in terms of the other aspects of it, well the headphone that I have gave a shot back then was the M50x and my god I am not a fan of it in terms of the sounds of that headphones and to me it seems like that model from Audio-Technica seems overhyped. The M40xs are better than the M50xs also much cheaper and what headphones have you tried that is quite similar to a situation that I had back then?

For me its the HD 800s heard them not a fan

Hmmm, that’s interesting. Care to tell me on why you are not a fan of the sound and as well its other factors? I have heard so far some good receptions from those cans and I cannot say that they are good or bad since I never have the luxury to get those cans with a budget that is too staggering for me.

I’m not too partial to the grado sound, just find it very fatiguing and really strange, but some enjoy it

Never tried any of the Grados and pretty much back then I didn’t know about Grados that much.

It’s just one of those love it or hate it house sounds. It’s something to try and see if you like (I actually think the best grados for the price are the SR60e)

Damn, looks like I can get some Grados here in my country but the problem is I am already contented with my current cans. But these ones are afforadable to buy here though maybe when there is a time I can buy these, I might give it a listen and see how good or bad it is.

The DT 1770 Pro. I tried it with both pads and really couldn’t get around liking them. Pressuring my head while “farting” bass at me. i couldn’t think of any reason to get them especially for their release price a few years ago.
Definitely a personal opinion but i was glad to see that i’m not alone with those thoughts.

Oh well and not to forget the first gen Beats Solo i tried…

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I also agree that the tuning on the 1770 is a pretty big disappointment. I did think it’s actually kinda fixed on the 177x GO, as it has a much better tuning. The regular 1770 is just a bass cannon, and not in the good way

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Beyerdynamic is usually good with those though, but I am sure there are some other models that are better than that one. Perhaps the DT770 or DT990s should suffice enough? I mean it’s possible for me to buy those here in my country but it’s used though.

The 770 250 ohm and 880 600 ohm are great multipurpose headphones, but I am not the biggest fan of the 990 for music (good for gaming, but equally as good as the 880 imo)

I didn’t like the Focal Elear. but that may be due to the fact I had just finished listening to the Stellia, which were stellar!

The elear just isn’t there compared to the rest of the higher end focal lineup. The Elex is so much better, and also the other higher end stuff

I like Grado, especially on the down with the slightly rolled of highs. Paris perfect with bright headphones. The beats EP aren’t bad. Everthing else beats makes is though. IMO

I tried the cheaper dinner hd 400 or something like that. Not good

HiFiMAN HE4XX. Thin. Lifeless. Uncomfortable.

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Well, there’s a store here where we can try a lot of Beats / Skullcandy and Sony “xtra bass” headphones.
Nope. I don’t like any of these.

-Fostex T50RP MK3s: Treble murder. Fixed with Shure 840 pads. :slight_smile:
-Grado SR60: Mid/Treble murder. Unfixable.
-Koss KSC75: Weird clip and no bass, or no bass because of the weird clip. Random driver placement equals random sound.
-BeatsX wireless (a friend had these): dangerous 10khz+ 10-to15dB peaks… these are IEMs!

I found the 800’s to be bright and no fun lots of detail and not overly fatiguing but somewhat, I had no fun using them.

Well I guess I can say that I am a guy who prefers a neutral sound signature and I want sounds that are not too bright or too dark. Also I am that one who likes to hear all sounds as accurate as possible.

true, I like to have fun too much tpo really call myself an audiophile. and I generally do not keep anything I deem too boring or flat for the sake of being flat. I do like some neutral leaning headphones but when they bore me its generally not my go. I would personally prefer to get the 1990’sw over the 800s. as to me in both detail retention and overall fidelity they are both around the some range.