What headphones should i get?

Want to upgrade from my akg k240 studio (55ohms). Looking for some headphones that are good for singleplayer games like the witcher, doom, zelda, god of war and all that good stuff. Ill also be using them to listen to music (a lil bit of everything), watch youtube videos and streams with my phone/tablet and dont want to buy a dac amp. I dont know how they sound and if they are comfortable or not (important, ill be wearing them for 7 hours a day) but i liked the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus because i can buy, if needed, a boompro for them and make them a “headset”. Found the COPs for 120 bucks. Are they good headphones for what ill be using them or are there better overall alternatives around the same price (120, but can go a lil higher)? Ill appreciate any suggestion, im pretty new to the headphone world and i really dont want to regret my decission.
Thanks to all
Pd: sorry about my english, not my native languaje

So, any thoughts?

Copps for that price is pretty good they are easy to drive well built V shaped sounding headphones can be used for casual and competitive gaming as well. my favorite headphones for single player games around that price are the hd 559 or the fidelio x2 HR both lean to be bassy headphones but are great for single player games and music if you like a bassy sound signature


Thanks for the tip. Fidelios are pretty hard to get in my country but i could get the hd559 for 70 bucks and buy a cable (beacuse the standard kind of sucks as far as i know) for around 20, wich makes 90$. The only problem, is there any kind of boompro for them or any alternative so that i could talk to people if needed (ps4 and pc)?

if a mic is neccesary the cooler master mh 751 is pretty good overall for gaming and music. as I dont think there is a boompro alterantuve you could buy for that pprice unless you want to runa cheap lapel mic like this and ckip it to the ccable of you headphone.

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Also, as said, i currently have a pair of akg k240 studio (wich by the way are hurting my neck when worn, just in case anyone knows why) wich i find just not fun to listen, maybe too analitical? Dont know. Its not like i im a basshead, but i would definetely like to have some for that boomy soundtracks and electronic music as for games

the k240 which I also own are very bass lite the other stuff I reccomended have a nice amount of bass which should make them more enjoyable than a k240

Am just gonna chime in for the Sundara or DT 990 here. Would heartily recommend either (with an amp at the very least).

Thats good to hear. Btw, money aside cause theres not that much of a diference, the cooler master vs the Copps?

Sure are great pair of headphones, but i just cant aford buying all at once

With all at once i mean the headphones + amp

If you do plan on getting an amp at any point, 990s are a solid choice. If you get the 250 Ohms you might have to crank full volume till you get an amp, but they are 100% still usable on a phone (you just won’t be able to achieve ear murder with them).

If you plan on getting an amp at some point, both seem to scale well (for my current pitiful selection of amps) while retaining functionality on just default phone/pc audio.

Do you plan to save for an amp and/or dac at some point?

I prefer the COPPS out of the 2 personally a bit more soundstage the bass has more depth and has the edge in competitive gaming, the build quality is also better

To be honest, not really. I just want to go simple. Plug and start playing. For example, and i know that just does suck, plug into the ps4 controller and go play

I would only think about a dac or an amp if they a) were not that spensive, b) really made a difference and c) i could use them with the ps4 if needed

Ahh, ok. Arctis Pro is solid. Would rate 11/10 for a gaming headset. Music compared to either of the previous two I mentioned is meh, but if you haven’t heard them it doesn’t really matter :stuck_out_tongue:. Any of the Arctis headsets are solid choices for the build quality, mic, and gaming performance alone. I’ve had the Pro and the 5. Also fully functional for commutes and stuff, as the isolation doesn’t suck.

If they still sold the Razer Mastodon I’d recommend those (they lasted me 12 fucking years lmao. elementary through college). RIP razer build quality

Great. Btw, have they got enough soundtage to enjoy open world games like the wither or zelda?

Totally agree. Had a pair of kraken, fell of my desk and Rip. Lasted 2 years

I got the Mastodons in like 2004 (?). They lasted from 6th fucking grade till september 2019 as my only headset. I got other razer headsets to replace during college (cause they were showing their wear) for cheap. All of them broke within months and the mastodon outlasted all of them.

Razer y u make shitty products now

Not to mention half of what they started making not that long ago were shity virtual 7.1 stuff. The anger

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