What headsets have the best 360 degree imaging for Fortnite?

Am I missing out on much better imaging if I get the Philips SHP9500? What is the highest tier of ultra competitive gaming? I understand a lot of people think closed back would be good but I am in my quiet room and don’t need isolation, but want the best clarity of direction possible for top tier competitive gaming.

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Hmm, how much are you looking to spend, and do you have an amp?

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I do not have an amp but would get one if needed. I am hoping that $200 or less will get me near the best competitive sound quality, since I think a ton of bass is not needed? I don’t even know but I think in Fortnite with so much shit constantly happening, that having too much bass would drown out the important stuff which is when one of the 20+ players around me in end zone pickaxe or shoot one of my walls, which is where imaging comes in to know which way its coming from. I realize the Utopia focal whatever is ludicrous but is that much money needed for great imaging?

Nono, you can get excellent sound for your money. I was thinking like a beyerdynamic dt880 600ohm and a fiio k5 pro if that isn’t too much to stomach. That is excellent for competitive gaming. Very precise imaging and soundstage, brighter neutral signature, great comfort, and generally very good overall. Of course you can always go overkill but that’s not needed tbh.


@semi14 I highly recommend a DT880 600 ohm silver color, paired with a Fiio K5 Pro. Best for the price range for competitive gaming. You’ll be amazed at the level of accuracy it has with imaging.

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Do I need 600ohms for gaming? What does that add over a headphone like the philips SHP9500?

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You don’t need the 600 ohm, but it is an improvement over the lower ohm Beyer’s though, it’s going to offer you a better experience over the 250 ohm, it’s higher preforming overall

The Beyer is just going to be the higher tier of headphone over the shp. The shp from my experience is very meh in sound overall. It’s fine, but the Beyer is pretty much a step up. There are other capable headphones in the price range besides the Beyer, but for competitive gaming they really are very impressive for their price

If you wanted a more budget option, the ad700x is a great pick for competitive gaming and doesn’t require an amp and would be a step up over the shp. I would suggest still considering the Beyer setup unless it’s not going to happen financially


That’s a lot of headphone for the money. I didn’t notice a differemce in gaming performance (ie ability to detect and locate footsteps) until I got the $1000+ headphone range. And even then, the difference is small.

That’s surprising, I would say the 880 600 preforms better than some of my higher end headphones in competitive games lol (although my ad1000x is my main comp gaming headphones)

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I was saying that the Beyerdynamic s are a lot of Headphone for the money. I didn’t get better for gaming until I got the Aryas

Depends a lot on the game. I’ve never played Fortnite but I do know that Rainbow Six Seige and Counter Strike both have terrible accuracy for enemies that aren’t in line of sight because they’re not physically modeled like in Battlefied, they just take use the shortest distance between you and the enemy. So depending on the game, a better headphone won’t do anything to fix bad audio design.

I would say yes, the 600 ohm is better than the 250 ohm, it is a more refined, detailed, and accurate sound. The silver DT880 600 ohm + Fiio K5 Pro is still what I would recommend. And if you want to get into any other FPS games like Call Of Duty, you would be set with that great combo already.

Siege takes a while to learn but actually has pretty good imaging and and sound engine does a lot of really cool stuff. Especially because they take the shortest distance to get to you directional cues get really cool when you take the destructability into account. But I will say fortnite’s sound engine is just kinda trash all around.

@M0N @Soren_Peregrine How would the 990 compare to the 880 for competitive gaming in terms of the sound stage and imaging?

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So the 990 would be brighter and also assuming both are 600 ohm, the 990 might have the edge in imaging. But that being said, I thin the 880 does a better job recreating space (edge in spatial recreation) that I think in the end equals out the 990’s slight advantage in imaging. Overall personally I prefer the 880 600 ohm but I don’t think the 990 600 would be a bad pick either. Just make sure you have the right amp to actually power them.

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I agree with M0N here.

The hd58x have been amazing for sound cues and footsteps in CSGO. Imaging on those are the best I’ve heard personally for that game specifically. Not sure about Fortnite tho

58x are great if your playing a game that isnt too soundstage dependant and want something to tell you which direction they are but in games that are slower like siege or a BR I personally prefer something that has soundstage

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mostly aggree with this. the 990 takes the edge for me personally cause I enjoy the tuning more the midbass bumpis great for gunshots and explosions but doesnt over power foothsteps cause of the increased treble.

Did you find the AD1000x to be better than the 880 600ohms? Imaging is better between the two as well as sound separation? Any experience with Rainbow Six Siege?