What is the absolute hardest bass slam in any track that you know of?

I’m looking to test some stuff and I need the hardest punch/slam example I can find for some A/B testing with both headphones and subs. Looking for a very clearly defined impact and might just rip apart the track or loop it for easier testing. I have a couple tracks I use for bass accuracy but nothing specific to slam.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I know you guys can help.

The first big bass drum smash in “Kickstart My Heart” by Motley Crue. You see this track on a lot of headphone test playlists for that very reason.


Doom 2016 OST - Biowaves, at around 55 seconds in, you get some nice electronic fuzzy “Oompf”
Zabo - Breath also has some good bass going on.


Me gusta! :heart_eyes::ok_hand:t2:

Random YouTube search let me discover this, not too bad either

And my favourite not electronic music bass slam is probably this here in the beginning


Another one from my Playlist just showed up.

Love that hypnotic slam :heart_eyes:


The Roots - I Don’t Care has a serious sub bass line throughout the whole track. This is my test track for sub bass performance.

Another bass bangers are
Plastikman - TripTideThud

Nacho Picasso - Coke Hyena

Rhythm & Sound - King in my Empire

Aphex Twin - Ageispolis

Kool Keith - Diesel Truckin

Timo Junior - Steppe durch die Street

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Can’t think of any tracks that super stand out. But I’ve heard plenty electronic stuff that may work. Here’s a few from my playlist

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Juno Reactor - Tokyo Dub - HQ!

Juno Reactor - Inca Steppa

Beat Dominator - Bass…Can You Hear Me


Space Age Hustle - Squadda B

Hollow (16-Bit Remix)



and how do I make the links like you do where it is sirectly playable ? :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

This one, hits differently

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I got you. After Assnectar became persona non grata I had to find some alternative bass test tracks.
Paradise by Mersiv and Fryar

Rubicon Dreams by Feddy Todd (the whole album is insane but this is just destruction)

Lorn always has some some terrifying energy


The 4th movement, “Storm”, has this extreme dynamic slam. Might not sound as slammy as some other music over headphones but when you listen to this synphony in real life you can definietly feel it

First crystal clear, from second 11 very deep and far, from second 34-35 it bangs the driver around your ears.

The whole thing gets so low that one or the other system or headphones can hardly reproduce it.

Such titles are made for Focal, or headphones with biocellulose drivers. A dream!


Slam, speed and a monster stage.

Great moment for a Denon AH-D9200 or a ZMF Atrium (biocellulose driver and wide stage), paired with a tube amp.


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With Meze 99 Classics or Senn IE 300 you get ridiculous slam right at the beginning.

One of my faviorite albums for testing the slam!
Drop! by Morten Breum on TIDAL