What is the piece of music ,album, or artist that no matter how far you go you always keep coming back

there are artists , albums , or a pieces of music that I never go back to because the elicit certain emotions memories or times that are behind me or flat out are just overplayed by you or the public and listeting to such music is oftentimes off-putting or curves my temporal tempo and will cause me to flat out drop it.
but there is music that has been with me since I was very young and no matter how much I come back to it I never tire of it. That is the album, in the aeroplane over the sea.
it’s poorly recorded, flawed, yet if it was any better I don’t know if I would still like it. it still elicits the original visceral emotions I fee when listening to it. it has a consistent sadness, and often odd abstract serreal lyricsm that builds a sald yet colorful world., each song is different yet perfectly cohesive. its songwriting in it’s purist. it doesn’t try to be super different and doesn’t try to stand out it just does. If you haven’t heard this album beffore I do reccoemend it. it’s definitely not for everybody.

what is that artist, piece, or album to you where not matter how far you get from it you find yourself coming back to.


Sadly, there was only one album…

and what is that?

I meant from Neutral Milk Hotel.

they had 2 their first album is called On avery island.

Wow. In the aeroplane over the sea is great stuff.
I had never heard of Neutral Milk Hotel before, thanks for this!

I’d say, for me, album1 by San Holo is that album.

I attended a concert of his when he was first touring the album and It never fails to give me chills.
Like you mentioned, most of the time I am so introspective and in-my-own-head that music becomes tainted with the emotion of the period during which I listened to an album. Not this one, though.
It’s almost like the album has too much of a life of its own to be twisted by my own feelings, it’s just so emotionally powerful.


For me, the two albums that take me back to my childhood are Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen (my mother is a huge fan and played it non stop), and White Pony by Deftones (1st album I bought when I graduated USMC boot camp and Deftones are still my favorite modern era band).

The Last Waltz. It may be the greatest assembly of talent on a stage, and it was directed by a young Martin Scorcese. His style basically informed the music video generation how to film live music. I love the Band, and I have albums that I prefer, but this may be the single greatest live show one-off ever. Plus, they served Thanksgiving dinner to everyone in attendance.

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Whoops! I linked my favorite song vs. the one showcasing everyone on stage. You’ve made it when a Beatle and a Rolling Stone come out to play with you at your final show:

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Certain artists from the 70’s stick for me:

  1. Steely Dan
  2. Pink Floyd
  3. J. Geils Band
  4. Elton John
    Soundtrack of my teens

Newer bands would be:

  1. Florence and the Machine
  2. Stone Temple Pilots
  3. Deftones/Crosses/Team Sleep
  4. Trombone Shorty
  5. Dave Matthews Band

I can go months and months and then just get the itch.


Sadly, probably because it was my first concert when I was little.



Shine on you crazy diamond by Pink Floyd and, curiously, some songs of musicals that would always be put in the holiday playlist because my mom likes them. I’m not big on musicals at all, I like The Phantom of the Opera (recommendation for anyone going to / living in London, though I guess not right now) and the songs that were on that playlist, though if I listen to other songs from the same musicals I don’t care for them at all.


Kate produced this album with Del Palmer mix and mastering…it’s fucking awesome on many levels.

And Joni my fav all time song writing musician ever…fuck almost impossible to name just one album but just, just maybe…as I’m closest to this album the most?..

Edited…The Sensual World is also my go to album with any new iem or headphone as it covers most of the frequencies I prioritise when assessing a new purchase.



My standards are:

Muddy Waters - Folk Singer
Paco De Lucia - Entre Dos Aguas
The Steeldrivers - Self titled / Hammer Down / Reckless
The Black Keys - Turn Blue / El Camino
Gary Clark Jr. - Blak & Blu
Bob & the Wailers - Legend
John Cougar Mellancamp - Lonesome Jubille
Tom Petty - pretty much anything

Call me basic but:


this whole album is great for when you are very fucking angry

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This band introduced me to JROCK. It’s a shame they disbanded so early.

The bedrock of my musical taste is Motorhead. I started listening to them in highschool and since then have never stopped. Other bands have come and gone from my playlists but Motorhead is always there. They may not be recorded very well and don’t really hold any real emotional significance for me. They are just the band that I seem to enjoy the most even after years of my musical tastes evolving and expanding.

I have multiple songs that I return to, like Crematory - Tears of Time which was the first song in which I heard growls and made me shit my pants (I was 12 at the time) or Sepultura - Refuse/Resist (I was 14), which made me really understand that most of the pop and hip-hop music I was also listening in 1999, to be part of the cool kids, was actually shit.

But the song that I return to at least once a week, came much later, in 2012 to be precise.

It’s a modern neo-folk song, sang by the Romanian metal band DorDeDuh using some traditional instruments: toacă (wooden semantron), țambal (cimbalom / hammered dulcimer), bucium (Romanian alphorn)

These are the lyrics. I tried to translate them, but they use some archaic Romanian words and phrase construction, which are somewhat difficult to translate in English and keep the same meaning.

Dojană (Rebuke)

Din tăcere rup-sa gândul, (From the silence the thought torn itself)
Sfărâmat-sa-ntreg cuvântul, (The whole word shatered)
Sfărâmat-sa-ntreg cuvântul (The whole word shatered)
Când din tăcere rup-sa gândul. (When from the silence the thought torn itself)

Ca prin horbă-n glas să crapă (Through word in the voice to crack)
Ca prin horbă-n glas să crapă (Through word in the voice to crack)
Turuitul să înceapă, (May the tattle begin)
Mintea-n veci să nu-i mai tacă, (May the mind never shut up)
Mintea-n veci să nu-i mai tacă. (May the mind never shut up)

Și prin viață să-i tai rândul, (And through life rushed)
Hodinindu-sa cuvântul, (The word rested)
Năucind din cale-afară (Bewildering completely)
Ochi furați de lumea amară. (Eyes stolen by the bitter world)
Țintuiți în râvnă sună (Nailed in zeal they toll)
Să nu mai vadă, să nu audă, (To not see anymore, to not hear)
Prăpăditu-sa pământul, (The earth is ruined)
Prăpăditu-sa cuvântul. (The word is ruined)

Mai lasă-ți gându-n cap să tacă (Let your thought be silent in your head)
Mintea-n cap să se mai coacă (The mind in the head ripen some more)
Rămâi neaplecat de spate (Remain unbent in your back)
Neînduplecat în toate (Unyielding in all)
Nepovârnit în fapte (Undeterred in deeds)

De nepovârnit în fapte (Incorruptible in deeds)
De nepovârnit în fapte (Incorruptible in deeds)
De nepovârnit în fapte (Incorruptible in deeds)
De nepovârnit în fapte, nepovârnit (Incorruptible in deeds, undeterred)
Nepovârnit în toate, nepovârnit (Undeterred in all, undeterred)
Nepovârnit în fapte, (Undeterred in deeds)
De nepovârnit în toate (Incorruptible in all)

Cuvântul nou să se-ntregească (The new word complete itself)
Imn de pildă neprihănească (Hymn of virtuous teaching)
Să dăruiești cu horbă bună (May you offer with good word)
De mlădios în vânt răsună (That gracefully resonates in the wind)
Să răzbești în stăruință (May you succeed in persistence)
Să plăsmuiești buna cuviință (May you forge decency)