What is this “end game” you speak of?

Right here right now…


working hard on this too…

Oh now we’re talk end game… sources are fair game too…dongles are cool but nah sorry even my sets scale with good sources :zap::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll take the first shot.

  • End-game can be a 50$ or 50k$ set. Prices are references made by stores.
  • Everyone’s EG is different. Listen with your ears, not your eyes on forums.
  • EG differs with your mood. Your EG sets differ from style to style inside your own library.
  • EG might a trick. Be prepared to be disappointed :slight_smile:
  • You EG in this moment is what you have on your ears. Doesn’t matter if it’s free buds or not.
  • EG is a state of peace of mind.
  • There’s no end-game.

This (meaning the entire collection) is my current Endgame with a focus on the tier 1 sets and MEST MKII. Tier 2 sets are comprised more-so of complimentary sets to the MEST MKII and tier 1 sets especially the Monarch, Variations and Up.

This is NOT a photo of my entire IEM collection. This is a selection of my endgame favorite IEMs at different price points. I love all these IEMs for different reasons.

The IEM everyone should have - Blon BL03had been Tripowin Mele

My favorite IEM around $100 - Fiio FH3

Best Starter IEM - LZ A7. Find your preferred tuning.

TIER1 Best IEMs around $300 - Mangird Tea, Moondrop Blessing 2, TANCHJIM Oxygen

TIER2 Best IEMs around $500 - $700 - Safe tuned - Thieaudio Clairvoyance/Oracle, Xenns Up - Subbass tuned - Thieaudio Monarch, Moondrop Variations

TIER3 Endgame - Unique Melody MEST MKII - Authentic audiophile replay at it’s finest.


Love your end game :gem: everyone else be…


If someone would not buy any IEM’s…?
That could actually be the End Game! It’s kinda like Game Over at the same time. lol

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Word of wisdom:

There is no end game when one can’t foresee the end;
End game only comes when one decides to end it all, here-now.


If we all find " end the game", we better close the site… :grinning: and stop the comments :sunglasses: . But everyone knows that there is no end game! For no one, never …

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IDK, I love IEMs, but my ears are very picky. Hell, I got 3 ear inflammations because I either went too deep or the fit of the IEMs themselves wasn’t a good fit for my ears.

So far, my daily driver for the ~past 2 years has been the Jade Audio EA3. That thing just works for me.

I like the TRI i3 and i3 Pro for their crazy deep and rumbling bass response.

I’m yet to further explore this space (I’m more of a headphone guy).

This is why I said this…

Focus on the word “current”. :wink:


Not sure where my endgame will be… but my end point will probably be when I get bored of trying new IEMs to see how they interact with my library.

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After the initial chaos and fun of buying too many IEMs that we typically go through at the start, I have a couple pairs of IEMs that I rely on, and I have a short list of IEMs that I am interested in buying.

For me “end-game” is about being content with what you have, and not feeling the urge to buy each new set. That said it doesn’t mean you can’t buy one for enjoyment, but that you aren’t compelled to do so.

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The end game to me is when you no longer feel the urge to come back here to read or talk about IEMs, you no longer have any interest in anything new.

Instead you are simply happy with listening to music and living your life.



Damn. This hits deep.

I definitely can imagine hitting that point, but I’m always interested in what’s new. What the headphone manufacturers are cooking up or have been cooking up.

While I agree with this, it also feels weird at the same time. It’s like being a car enthusiast, you never really stop following the industry, though you might settle for a car and stop purchasing any new vehicles.


How about for the reason to help others in their audiophile journey from all of your first hand knowledge?


There’s a point to this. Also, there’s hapiness in the joy of other people. I love people reacting to new sets. Even if I dont crave it, doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy it.

I quitted alchool at all for an year now. I still enjoy going out and seeing people enjoy while I sip my coke up. I even started to tolerate drunk people while being sober 🤷


I’ll believe someone has reached “endgame” once they delete all their audio fora accounts and unsubscribe from all audio-related social media subscriptions, and not before then, hahahaha.

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