What is your favorite sound signature?

I can never go wrong with the Neutral sound signature as my favorite, for they always get the sounds that I want in an accurate manner. Second would be, balanced just for the right amounts of bass, mids and treble. What are your favorite sound signatures guys?

  • Neutral
  • Balanced
  • V-Shaped
  • Bright
  • Dark
  • Mid-Forward
  • Warm

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Is there an all of the above option lol


Neutral and balanced kinda the same?

Balanced can sometimes refer to a slight W shape

Depends on my mood, really

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Apparently I enjoy a bit of warmth since I enjoy the LCD-2. I liked the HE 1000 V2 though and I think that was considered a neutral hp, so maybe we like more than one signature.

Went with Mids forward but I would say I prefer neutral with a slight mid emphasis…but as @BluJay614 said this can vary depending on my mood and genres listened to.

V shaped. I love Bass, and I love detailed treble. Although, I do like a neutral or balanced signature every once in a while to hear all of the different details in something.


Let me add it then. xD

It might be too late for how polls work lol, nvm

Well, it depends on my mood as well. If I am feel that I need accurate sounds are of importance or I am in a mood that is in an analytical feel, neutral is my best bet. If I want to have fun and overall just enjoy the music with some life, either V-shape and Balanced.

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I don’t understand the question, as in: “HALP, people are using words I don’t know”

Here’s a starting point:

I’m also scouring YT looking for a demo for all these too. I thought I found one weeks ago to watch when I had time and wasn’t smart enough to bookmark it :neutral_face:

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I watched that video and it’s comprehensive for both beginners and veteran audio enthusiasts.

BRIGHT YO! altho when using headphones after some time it’s too fatiguing. but really listening to them bright is my fav for sure

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Okay, I know what I don’t like (V-shape), now to figure out what I prefer…

Also: If someone could write a nice comprehensive guide on audio terminology, that would be very apreciated.

It’s out there. Here’s one:


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This page has a helpful graph relating terms to frequency response curves:

That circles back to another thread about the role of measurements. For speakers and headphones, the frequency response curve will answer about 90% of what you can expect them to sound like, but it won’t answer all of it. For example, for the DT990, the graph will indicate that they have a V signature, but it’s harder to pull out that the treble has that “metallicy” quality many hear.


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I voted “V”, but I don’t think my preference is a “deep V” so to speak. I slight treble boost adds some life, and a bump in the subbass for me.

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