What is your favourite iems

I don’t think cables really affect the sound that much as long as they are good quality cables. Tips definitely change the sound though

Samsung AKG earbuds. I really think they deserve more recognition. And the oppoty of my driams, BLON bl03

Hmmmm, the BLON BL03s I get it for I own those, but the Samsung AKGs? I am a bit skeptical I’m afraid since I am one of the people when they first got their phones the earbuds that came along with that phone is usually subpar in terms of sounds. Correct me if I am wrong though, I am sure if there’s a time to try those I’ll do try it and what output I can say about those.

Hehe, I don’t even get earbuds with phones nowadays, it’s getting rare. I bought the Akg earbuds from a friend who prefers using Bluetooth. These obviously sound v-shaped but the mids doesn’t get scooped out that much. Bass is fun to hear and it fits my ear pretty well

Also, Sony MH750s are excellent. And they’re 10$. No rights to sound this good for 10$.

The… cylinder where you put the silicone tips is really small, though. If you want comply foam tips on these, you cut one of the silicone tips, only keep the cylinder, glue it there, and now you can put standard-size tips on em.

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My personal revised list… Andro’s…for female vocals, chamber music, folk and generally laidback and easy listening.
Vega’s…for BASS BASS oh and Treble…V’ish shaped, mids are there for sure (need to listen)…super fun set tho :heart:
Z1R’s best all round IEM musical presentation i’ve heard, can’t really fault anything about them, grand in presentation, stage, detail, as long as they fit you.


So far my favorit are the Meze rai penta, but waiting for a pair of campfire solaris that ill hope will end up being great.

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Sweet :+1: please do let us know your thoughts :smiley:

I’m about to get the Blon BL03 soon. I’m still not sure what cable to get. Does the cable really affect the sound? I was thinking about getting the HiFiHear 16 core 2 pin, but I am quite concerned if that’ll be a good fit. Knowing the connecting points are “exposed,” I have a fear that the pins might snap. So, I changed my mind and decided to maybe order the cable of Yinyoo that were specfiically designed for the Blon’s square shape thing. I think the connecting points of the blons will snuggly fit inside the “sleeves” of the cable.

may you give confirmation regarding this? I really can’t decided.

I really don’t want to file down the square into a nearly oval shape.

The cable won’t affect the sound, but how stiff or heavy it is, the size of the earguide loop, and whether it has angled connections might affect the fit for you. I personally use them with a normal 2-pin (not QDC which would fit around the kind of 2-pin socket they have). This adds some height to the connection but I’ve never had fit/connection issues from it.

The BL03 have never fallen off the list of IEMs I can easily recommend for the price (assuming $30 or lower, just in case somewhere is trying to sell them for more. On forums and used you should expect to pick them up for $20 or below, my current pair was “just pay shipping” as part of someone’s list of IEMs they were selling.)

If you get a set and you live in the US, I can send you some tuning foams in an envelope. Just tiny cylinders of foam. The reason for this is that although I think the BL03 is very strong stock, if you take the mesh filters off and pop a tuning foam in, and then put those filters (or maybe plain filters rather than stock I’ll check when I get home) it takes a little of the mid-range edge off and they just become an unbelievable set.

Another thing to mention is it seems 50/50 for whether people find the fit of the shell problematic or fine. Within those halves, some of the “problematic” crowd actually find the fit nearly impossible. I find the fit ok but stock I feel like I need to reseat them every so often, this is due to a shortish nozzle that many eartips can slide too far down.

An easy fix for that is to either use an O-ring (like dentists use, or are used for modding mechanical keyboard) on each nozzle (or cut the botton off the stem of eartips you don’t use and slip them on) this gives the eartips something to hit so that they don’t slide all the way down, and the set can sit in the ear with a good seal without having to be jammed far in.

These sound like reasons not to get it, but:
a) You may need neither mod to enjoy them
b) They’re both simpler than they might sound at first, especially the one that gets around nozzle length related fit issues.

The result is something where if I had to sell all I owned, but decided I could leave $30 in audio, I would have few complaints day to day using as a daily driver.

EDIT: Based on follow-up – I think I prefer the modded Bl03 to my Cadenza, but for something brand new and beautiful, that requires no modding, folks are probably right to recommend those over the Bl03. :+1:


The BLON BL-03 is still good don’t get me wrong, but nowadays when it comes to technical prowess and sound reproduction it is quite showing its age, that’s why I gave away my own pair to my little brother as a gift. I suggest you try the newer ones like the Tangzu Wan’er, Kiwi Ears Cadenza and even the 7Hz Salnotes Zero as a start.

The IEM game is just getting better and better for the budget-focused, and that is favorable to us.

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Raptgo Hook

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2022: Shuoer S12 , Olina SE , Tripowin x HBB Mele! :notes:

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My favorite has to be the Timeless. I know, I know - probably one of the most generic answers. But that IEM not only sounds incredible to my ears, way above the $200 asking price. But it single handedly got me truly hooked on the Audio hobby. Once I tried them and ran with them for 6 months, I just had to know what else was out there.

It’s such a special set for me.


The only thing that matters is what you like. Some people find Olina SE boring, and when I listen to her, I want to eat the sound along with her. Others find Olna’s stage to be linear, but for me it’s a unique bubble around the head. So listen less to people (especially self-proclaimed presenters) and trust your ears more! :wink: :frog:


Oh absolutely, my friend. If you would have asked me 12 months ago, I would have told you everything you’d hear from another reviewer. Those days of being Naive are relatively gone and I try my best to formulate my own opinions the best I can. Although it’s hard to avoid bias, especially when you’ve read so much and taken in so many words, I try to trust my ears (as busted as they are) the best I can.

Hear Hear! :handshake:


Good choice sir…I’ve got a few sets and Timeless always leaves think dang it really is a baby Z1R, if that’s your sort of sound sig then it’s an absolute bargain :+1:

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They really are a marvelous IEM. I’ve never heard the Z1R but that is a really cool comparison :call_me_hand:

Keeping my more recent acquisitions out of this because I don’t want the honeymoon phase to effect my judgment, I’m gonna go with the S12s because of the ridiculous value proposition the represent. I mean, you have to start looking a the $500-$600 tribrid space to objectively upgrade from the S12s for me or whatever your preferred flavor of midfi planar is (Timeless, Hook-X, etc). That’s crazy!

Second for me are my 64Audio N8s. When the guys at 64A told me about these when I was looking to address certain studio IEM needs I had, I was sold pretty quickly, but I was really expecting to get a tool for my job that I likely wouldn’t use much for musical enjoyment. Boy was I wrong about that! The N8s are an incredibly unique pair of CIEMs. They have a liquid smooth presentation that also remains very detailed and presents everything with such grandiosity and authority. It’s very hard to describe without being able to hear it which is one of the reasons I wish it was a more common IEM. They just don’t sound like anything else I have ever tried and uniqueness is one of the things I love in an IEM. It doesn’t hurt that they are also hands down, the best studio IEM I have ever used for monitoring my drumming.