What other headphones are like the Nighthawk Carbon's?

everyone talks about how they sound unusual and in that have created a fan group.

so I’m not asking what others sound like the NHC, though if there are others that are similar, please share, that would be cool. I was meaning other headphones that have a unique sound that stands out as different.

I recall @M0N saying the Final Sonorous have a unique sound.

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The kennerton gjallarhorn is also up there imo


Campfire Cascade.

pricing is way out to lunch for both in comparison though…twice the price the NHC were introduced at.

@M0N what about the Sonorous? am I recalling right or is my memory failing me?

That is a more unique can yes. Also you never said they had to be the same price lol, I could mention stuff like the raal and myspheres then

well…all contenders are welcome, guess i was just personally hoping for recommendations at a similar price point to the NHC.

and I did say similar sounding is good too :wink:

Many have said the OG nighthawk is different than the Carbon so there is that…