What products has Z reviewed that you bought

What products that have been featured on z reviews have you purchased?
My list is relatively short due to being fairly new to hifi and this forum.
Based on the review of products my list is:

SVS PC4000(2)
SVS prime bookshelve speakers (3)
SVS ultra bookshelve speakers (2)
Shanling EM5
789 amp
MiniDSP 2 x 4 HD
Deathonray honey
Sennheiser 8xxHD
Lindsol goldplanar GL2000 dual mag
Moondrop starfield
Mangird Tea2
Kinera Imperial Nana 2.0

I forgot the RME ADI2 FS
I also bought before z reved:
Denafrips Ares II
Shciit Freya plus


This is a take that gets me scorn, but a “sound demo” at the time that pulled me in was DT880-600 which I shall always have. Because of the coupon code, Senn 8xx - though I remain skeptical about the pads - EQ is required, I think this can sealed that some of Z’s tuning prefs are not okay for me. It continues to prove itself a fave when corrected. I’m sure his input mattered in others. T50rp enthusiasm. Modi/Magni. Sundara. Tin T2

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I will try to list the things that I bought that Zeos reviewed back then as much as I can, for I have lost count.

  • Audio-Technica ATH-M40X
  • Tin Hifi T2
  • BLON BL-03
  • KZ ZS10 Pro
  • Moondrop Starfield
  • Philips SHP9500
  • ifi Zen DAC
  • Koss KSC75
  • Koss KPH30i
  • Moondrop Aria
  • Moondrop Quarks
  • Moondrop Kato
  • Fiio BTR3K

I think so far, these are things that I have bought where he also did a review on it each. I think it would expand more if he keeps reviewing stuff that is more into my budget.


I would say that Zeos’ insight into product today has assisted me greatly in many of my purchasing decisions. So thanks, Z. Appreciate ya.

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I bought:

Zen stack
Schiit Magnius/Modius stack
Tin t4
Flirc USB Universal Remote Control Receiver
I almost forgot Minidsp I love this thing.
Last edit I swear Letshuoer z12
Fiio BTA30 Pro

I also bought The Swans M5a based on his other reviews of Swans speakers, before his review. I’m loving em :smiley: :smiley:

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Emotiva BasX A-100
Khadas Tone 2 Pro
Focal Elex

His review encouraged me to buy Koss kph30i. No regrets, one of the best price to performance ratio headphones out there.


Duh, this should have been my #1 answer. All the 60ohm Koss models. And Yaxis. SHP9500

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That’s a short list? Yikes.

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A sampling:

HD8XX + Dekoni fenestrated pads
Fiio M11

  • Philips SHP9500
  • KZ ZS10 Pro
  • Fiio BTR5
  • Moondrop Aria
  • Koss KPH30i

Mangird Tea and Moondrop Starfield credit has to be split among multiple people, not just Zeos.

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This is an interesting topic. My buy list is in order of Zeos being “right on the money”
Xduoo MT-604
Modhouse T60rp Argons (balanced w ZMF suede pads)
RME ADI-2 FS DAC Amp (best as a DAC preamp)
THX 789 Amp
Sabaj D5 (best as a DAC)
1more Quad Drivers
Just bought a Topping D10s to use as SPDIF inputs

I bought these despite his less than enthusiastic review
Focal Clear OG (I like them - but Zeos was right on the tight sound stage)

xDuoo MT-602 and XD-05 Basic + BT
Blon BL-03

Some of these items I still have. Z was my introduction into this world of Audio and even though I’ve moved further along, many of these pieces can be considered as the gateway’s which led me deeper into the mix.

Edifier 1700BT & 1700BTs
Neumi BS5
JDS Labs Atom amp&dac (og)
Topping E30
Zen DAC (og)
Schiit Asgard 3
Schiit Jotunheim 2
Monolith Liquid Platinum
Ferrum OOR / Hypsos
Fidelio X2HR
Sivga 004
Sivga Phoenix
Focal Elegia
Fostex TH909

Not reviewed specifically:
Crap ton of HART audio cables & interconnects
Crap ton of Worlds Best XLR & RCA cables

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Ah yes, was my intro to HAC and World’s Best also.


my iFi Zen DAC.


These are the ones that I definitely never heard of until I saw Z review them and then bought after doing a bit more research.

  • Qudelix 5K
  • Moondrop Starfields
  • HarmonicDyne Zeus
  • Dan Clark Aeon X Closed
  • xDuoo MT-602
  • Jamo S 809 tower speakers (bought as part of that Jamo home theater bundle that always seems on sale at adorama)
  • Enough Hart Audio cables and interconnects to stickerbomb the sub in my room with all the free decals

And I’ve used him as confirmation bias for most everything else I’ve purchased that’s audio-related - Schiit modi/heresy stack, Meze 99 neo, HD 6XX, HE4XX, Focal Elegia, Edifier rt1280t (I don’t think he’s specifically reviewed this model, but Edifier gets enough praise from him to count).


I think he reviewed all these:
Sennheiser HD6XX/HD58X/HD660
Liquid Spark and Platinum (I think)
Focal Elex’s
CFA Cascade’s
iBasso SR2’s
T60 Argon’s
Koss E95X’s (I think)
And I am sure there are more. :grin:
I used to watch most every video he put out. He, like my local headphone store, was a part of the learning curve with this hobby.

Of course experience is the best teacher, along with lots and lots of failure. :laughing:


My snarky response to this thread is that Z likes EVERYTHING because he’s trying to sell through affiliate links, so maybe the better question is “What products have Z steered you AWAY from buying?”

That’s probably a much shorter list. :slight_smile:

I don’t revile Z. He cracks me up. Very entertaining.

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Yeah, I’ve tried to keep my answers towards Z being the one to intro me to something or push my purchase. I own a lot more things that he was less of a role in me making purchase choice.