What small speakers can produce quality BIG sound

…while maintaining affordability? I’m thinking nearfield (or is it near field?) on a desk where the speakers can be anywhere from 4ft to 6ft apart.

we can throw a sub into the mix too and again, small but can produce quality BIG sound while being affordable.

and regarding subs…where should it / they be placed if your desk is against the wall and the back / sides are enclosed? in my case, I’ve got a desk that’s about 6ft wide and 2ft deep, maybe a few inches more and have drawers on both sides, so no space to fit a sub under the desk unless it was placed central and at my feet. in a case like that, if it were to be placed at my feet, it would need to be tall and skinny so I don’t kick it accidentally. alternatively, I do have the space for one or two small subs on either side of my desk, but suspect the closed sides will hinder their performance.


edit - oh…also,they have to be better than what I have. Kanto YU6 and SUB8.

You know what I want to ask…


iLouds are affordable and have ruined my expectations for what everything more expensive should sound like.


I gotta say, I absolutely love these Neumi BS5 speakers. I don’t really know whether to call them desktop or Bookshelf speakers. They are a great size that can serve both ways, but I lean towards desktop. That is how I am using them. Either way, for 95 bucks these things are amazing! They did fine with my Topping MX-3, but when I upgraded to the SMSL S-8 stack, they rose to a whole new level. Just unbelievable, really. I have been messing around with placement options and it’s been a fun journey! My focus is near field and these are very directional. Different angles, elevations and toe in are producing interesting results. More than anything I am thrilled by how clean they sound.

Anyway, a great value these are.

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LOL!! Yes, the term is somewhat subjective.

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I’m not a mind reader…but I suspect you want to know what my definition for ‘affordable’ is? looking up what dictionary.com has to say, that may have been the wrong word to use as I don’t mean inexpensive, but do mean reasonably priced, which are both used in their definition :stuck_out_tongue:

but if it helps to provide a number…$1000 - $1500 for the amp, two speakers and one or two subs.

I realize I didn’t mention I am speaking about passive speakers that would require an amp, not powered speakers.

which iLoud? thee are three speaker systems that use that word in them.

Micro monitor

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Vanatoo makes great speakers for desk use.


You put this per speaker and we start to be in the hood.
But double it right away, per speaker and we there. :slight_smile:
Then only a preamp/dac and sub or two to cherry the cake.

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What sound signature you looking for ?

Iloud micros are god tier tuning wise but the vanatoo t0s are an upgrade on everything else and have a sub out, I’d say get ilouds if you can get them on sale price (as close to $200 as possible), for full price go with the vanatoos

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Small speaker big sound. Micca oOo with subs that have HI-pass aiyima 07 amp.

My JBL Studio 530 s are kicking ass in this category. I’m running it off the topping PA3. I checked out that cute little Loxjie A10, but missed some goodness compared to the topping mx3 i had so i went up to the PA3. Then @Raptor168 convinced me on the s-8 stack since it’s on the drop this week for a couple hundred off with su-8 da-8s combo… so i guess i have to give them money.


Are these too big for you?


Oh man, the pressure is on now! :smiley: Honestly, I don’t think this gear will let you down. It will be interesting to see how you get on with it.

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i use these with a minx201. the curved design for wall mounting, makes it time align well when set on a desktop flat.


Yea what constitutes small otherwise id suggest other speakers.

I stand by my claim. Micca 0o0 sound bigger than their physical size. With a sub $100 sub, the henry cejudo of 2.1 desktop system. form performance value.


Think the neumi BS5C center channel as a stereo pair. Took a peek inside there is a ton of foam i see crossover though.

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This arrived. Can recommend heartily over the PA3 if you can add 69% budget.

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I am pretty positive that Zeos himself praised a pair of Swans Speakers. It was in a recent video, and he did say that they sound much larger than their size. You should look into that.

If it’s going to help you in any way. I believe that the video he mentioned this in is in a very recent video of a Swans Speakers speaker. Give it a quick search

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