What small speakers can produce quality BIG sound


Small spreakers can produce big sound enclosed in a big cabinet?

Vanatoo Transparent Zero, with an 8" Sub is excellent.

VANATOO Transparent Zero


Heard these in store a couple of years back and they impressed me :+1:

Maybe the Elac Debut Primas. Which are Elac B5’s, just with another name, and now available for less than 200$ (oh, you’re in Canada: Yeah, I paid mine 250$CAD). They’re big bookshelves, but you will not need a subwoofer with these. I also felt like I was drowning in mids.

You just really have to get used to their lack of treble. Or maybe mine just didn’t “burn-in” enough yet… they’re for sale if you want.

Man, those are nice. Would I pay 2 grand for them? I would not. It’s one of those things you just wanna say f*ck it because they are so beautiful!

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Also, Triangle BR02s? :thinking:

Good Morning! Yes, BR02’s. I was looking at the BR03, but I felt that I could not quite get away with those for a desktop application. You probably don’t want to run BR03’s in that way anyway. BR03’s need more space to really shine. Plus, well, I couldn’t really afford those. But that is OK. I don’t feel that I am missing much with the BR02.

I have had a full day with them now and I continue to be really impressed. The sound field is bigger, wider, deeper, more natural sounding and incredibly detailed. They are much better at low level listening than the Neumi’s are as well. I have been messing around with positioning, toe in and whatnot and there is this sweet spot I have found at about 2 meters off the speaker with my ears slightly above the tweeters. Crazy good! But they don’t bite when you are only a meter away, which is great. The S-8 stack is driving them well. I was a little worried about that, but It’s good.

It should be noted that I spent most of my life listening to music on pretty much Junk. The AVR-2808ci was the first receiver that got me elevated me out of that, and even then I didn’t listen to music as much as I should have with it. So much of this is kinda new to me, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I am in no way bashing the Neumi BS5 speaker, either. That is a great little speaker that delivers excellent value. In fact, I took those and put them in as rears for the main surround system and they are doing great there! So the little speaker that could lives on.


Vanatoos hands down like you shouldn’t even have to think about it. I’ve always maintained that unless you want a recording studio (powered monitors) in your room or you don’t mind putting large full size stereo equipment at your desk then the Vanatoos are the best computer speakers for most people.

Beware though I have yet to find a better imaging speaker anywhere near the price of the Vanatoos. So if that’s something your really into it might be hard to find an upgrade later on down the road without dumping a stupid amount of money into it.

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Exactly right, imaging is indeed top tier. Set them up correctly, pay attention to height and width… and they are superb. They have great bass alone, but add a small 8" subwoofer (with cutoff) and they are even better.

I’m using all inputs… USB > PC, Optical > TV, and Analog > Turntable.


anyone here heard Quad’s S or Z series and how their bookcase options stand up to Triangle and Vanatoo, etc?

Monoprice K-Bas is well made w/ a good crossover. The speakers scale w/ quality source chain and power. The enclosure is a simple black but well built and the port is in the front which allows you to place them up against a wall. 25-150watts needed

My next choice is the Omega desktop/bookshelf speakers. High sensitivity and midrange that is gorgeous if your musical preferences swing that way. Play very well and sound full bodied w/ low power tube or ss amps. 1-20 watts Needed

A small but bold speaker is the Decware Tiny Radial/w a sub. The sound is clean, omnidirectional and they come in multitude of styles that are both gorgeous and do well w/ multiple genres for a desktop. Best w/ tubes 6-12 watts. Needed

These are all experienced recommendations based on personal preferences and my favorite for desktop use out of a varied selection i have tried.

The little REL subs should be solid contenders if you can afford one to fill in the bottom end
Happy listening and good luck w/ your choices