What some headphones with VU meters?

aye yi yi! >.<

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What in tarnation…

I mean they’re cool looking. The looming question however, but why?

You would need to take them off to see the meters. Or I guess you could get a hand held mirror.

/me sees people walking around with headphone helmets that have a GoPro live streaming the VU meters movements, which they watch on their phone, while headbanging to the beat…



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What will they think of next, self-measuring amps and DACs that display real-time thd and sinad?


Gorgeous, why even plug in headphones.

From the article…

Meters says that the point of them, beyond the fashion, to help parents see if their kids are listening to their music too loudly.

I’d take that with a grain of salt and instead just believe they added them for the sole reason of it looking cool.

indeed, it’s a gimmick to help sell a novelty…unless this company is known for good sound?

This is the second time in this forum there was a thread created for these…

FWIW they also have an RGB gaming version

Actually it’s a different pair or new version but true, Headphones with VU.
Old one was Meters OV-1-Tan and new ones OV-1-B.
New and better?

Fixed. :upside_down_face:

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