What video games are you playing?

Haven’t seen a thread for this yet. Curious as to what everyone is currently playing. I just got back into FFXIV after a long hiatus. Anyone else play FFXIV?


Mostly boomer shooters like Doom (both classic and modern), Quake, Dusk, Amid Evil, ULTRAKILL, HROT, etc.

Some games that I’ve played over that last few months and loved are Bioshock and Outer Wilds.

Over the past week I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft for a change of pace (most of my usual games are very fast paced or high effort).


In rotation currently:

Mechwarrior V: Mercenaries with Heroes of the Inner Sphere DLC
Days Gone

Still installed but haven’t touched in a while:

Cyberpunk 2077 (I have completed 2 playthroughs though)
Project Wingman (I would kill for more content for this game, a must have if you like Ace Combat)
Star Wars: Squadrons
Wasteland 3

At the moment i’m mostly “driving” Iracing with the Mazda mx5 rookie season. Doing all right in the time trial despite missing the first week of the season (currently 10th of 4417 registered drivers - but quite a few of those haven’t set a time on all the tracks during the season), but a bit weaker in the season standings (based on the races, not the time trails).

Been a “member” of Iracing a very long time, but never got around to drive races… i just did solo practices as for the most part i enjoy the driving more than the competition. But since its a monthly fee, i thought i would try to get a bit more out of the money i put in :slight_smile:

Thinking of doing a bit of Battlefield 5 again, but i’m not that into the ww2 and i look forward to a more modern Battlefield (Battlefield 3 i spent sooo many hours with, and i really enjoyed that more than any of the following editions),


Only Genshin Impact, it’s all I can manage atm lol. I haven’t been much of a gamer in years tbh I just don’t have the time for it and feel guilty later if I do try to put some time if so yeah just that one for now.
Also don’t think I can fund a current gaming pc at this point the way things are. My rig is a bit over 10 years now.

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Red Dead Redemption 2
Ghost of Tsushima
AC series
Gran Turismo 5
Animal Crossing

PGA Tour
Modified PlayStation Classic with plenty of games.

That’s the current crop of games.

Waiting to try

Final Fantasy 14’s new expansion(yes I play this… had a few people of late stumble on me as Falenkor and had to change my name lmfao dont talk to me about friggin headphones when im playing my game)
Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis(im an old school fan of the series.)

Currently playing:

Pretty much any popular fps shooter
Guilty Gear practicing up till Strive comes out
Tekken 7
Soul Calibur 6
Subnautica Below Zero
Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries
Mechwarrior Online
X-com Chimera Squad
Sea of Thieves(new in library not sure about it yet)
and quite a few others in my library of over 3k games…

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Dafuq??? Seriously?

yea, was running my healer in a dungeon runs few days ago had 2 people chime at me on it. I mean, its not annoying really but like… leave that stuff here talk about the game or how I did a crap job when your dead on the floor lol.

I was meaning to change the name anyway…


That sucks man. I could understand if someone asked if you were one in the same, and then went back to the game, but ugh…

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^ they did for the most part which is why I was okay with it… it wasn’t just them blowing me up with messages, thankfully lol.

I do get curious though sometimes when im playing shooters if some of the people I face are some of those that I helped out. It is nice to hear feedback once and a while. still I am playing single players right now taking a break from multiplayer stuff. For some reason I forgot to list PREY as I literally just picked that up(why it took me this long… dunno) been playing the hell out of it… that and octopath traveler


Currently: Subnautica Below Zero

Loaded and play as mood strikes:
Anno 1800
Train Simulator 2021
City Skylines

Bunch of others installed but rarely get to them & too many to list.

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I was addicted to Genshin Impact for around 6 months and then finally was able to break away from gacha hell :relieved:

now im just recouping playing some older games on my backlog. Currently playing Prey (2017) for the first time and it is excellent. Been meaning to check it out for a while and i honestly should have sooner because it’s hitting all the right points for me. Just a really awesome first person sci-fi survival horror/shooter. I imagine Arkane would make a really dope Alien game if microsoft/bethesda could get a hold of the IP rights.

After Prey I will be playing another older game on my backlog, Dying Light. Need some good Zombie survival action in my life.


Currently downloaded and playing:
Subnautica (the older one, just finished)
Borderlands 3
Before we leave (interesting for RTS fans)

Installed and need to finish:
Tales of Besteira
Talos principle
AC odyssey

Installed and I play on mood:
Game dev Tycoon
Dragon Age inquisition

I’m working my way through Doom Eternal and I still play Warzone with friends.
I have an old G25 that I use to play Asseto Corsa and Forza here and there. Just bought Euro Truck Simuator 2/ American Truck Simulator for 5 Euros both.

I am thinking about buying Metro Exodus or Mafia Definitve Edition on the Epic sale that is currently on. Also I really want to try some Battlefront II if it’s still active…

And don’t get me started on the backlog :stuck_out_tongue: you already know!

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How are you liking Doom Eternal? Also Metro Exodus is excellent. I highly recommend.

I’ve seen people talking about Subnautica. I’ve tried that game and it’s great, but it triggers my Thalassophobia (fear of the ocean) really bad. I might try to overcome my fears and finish it this summer.

Also, Prey (2017) is great. I really need to do another playthrough with a stealth build.


Man Doom Eternal is very well put together tons of fun! It can get a little tiring with all the shooting at times but it always calls me back. Love the platforming and the great scenery. I’ve also seen people develop crazy skill at this game so it kind of pushes me to try hard as well!

Yeah I think I will pull the trigger on Metro. I had played the first game of the series and enjoyed the atmoshpere.


NFS Payback