What volume do you listen at?

I’m wondering if my listening volume of <=60db is the reason why I don’t hear as much differences in equipment as most other people? Interested in how loud audiophiles normally listen at, my ears would get fatigued going above 9 o’clock on most amps.

Loud, very loud.

I can’t hear you, speak up…


That loud.

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what? What? WHAT?


I dont usually listen to anything loud. haven’t since the bump on my head when loud sound / noise started to anger me.

everything in balance / moderation and its place.

I try to listen at reasonable levels, but often i tend to increase the volume during a listening session gradually to the point i think “this is way to loud” and then i decrease it again… still have pretty good hearing, and always use hearing protection at concerts and such.

my dac measures volume a bit differently as its a digital measure
I set the volume from -30 to -25 on my current gain settings

If your not listening at volumes that could possibly damage your hearing your not doing it right*


In no way is Ant saying you should listen to headphone at volume that could damage your hearing. please follow all safety measures when using your headphones.


Never checked that.
Will do later today after I got some sleep.

Edit: Measured 55 to 75dB (c-weighted)

ive been to thousands of concerts, work in a loud factory, and never use hearing protection. My ears are still flawless :slightly_smiling_face:

that being said, i listen to most music fairly quite. i find the louder you play something, the more flaws you hear in the equipment/recording. and most things get less neutral at higher levels, almost always the treble or bass takes over at higher volumes in most equipment that i have tried anyways.

I probably listen to music at 75dB, maybe 80? Treble makes my ears hurt at 85-90dB. I guess someone like my mother would be like “ohhh that’s so loud!”… Still, I always keep the volume at the same “number” on my DAC, and it’s always less loud than all the concerts I went to… metal or not, heh.

tbh maybe i listen to music too quietly… or too loudly since not a lot of sound leak comes from my 58x and i cant tell a lot of detail differences even with a dac/amp

They’re not “detail monster” headphones… Most “detail monsters” are 500$+, except maybe Koss ESP-950/95X and Hifiman Sundaras.

Koss ESP-950/95X might be the best way (under 500$) to hear every little detail even at low volume, because they “compress” everything (little details are louder).

Edit: Forgot about the Verum Ones / Takstar HF580s.

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i mean like no even hear the difference between an MP3 and FLAC file (still failing the NPR test because its hard to tell any real differences that aren’t just placebo)

Shrugs enjoying music is definitely not about the details anyway. Some people will enjoy music all their lives with “low-fi” stuff, some people don’t even like detail and got decent “high fidelity” stuff that sounds great… just not detailed as fuck, lol.

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80 Windows volume. -30 to -40db for my Koss 95x and Nighthawk Carbons on my THX788. IEMS are generally -50 to -40. Sometimes -35 but thats for like Tin P1s etc. I dont know if thats too loud, but seems to be good to me LOL

How do you know what the db level is?..volume varies on mood, time of day, genres and alcohol intake tbh.