What's your dream stack?

I’m not greedy, so my dream stack is no gear that costs thousands.

ideally…I’d like to have:

Modi 3
Magni 3+ (warmer)
Magni Heresy (detail / analytical)
Valhalla 2 (tube feel and matches everything else)
Loki (because of reasons)

how about you?

All Schiit, any reason apart from that they all match?

because they’re also good for their price. with the updated Magni 3+ and Heresy, Schiit is on par with the JDSL Atom and Mono Spark, which were the go-to’s in the $100 range.

but also because they match…they look good and it salves my OCD which gets worked up thinking of mis-matched components. :wink:

of course, I would be interested in the Mono Spark once their DAC is out, but it keeps being pushed back…and JDSL doesn’t seem to want to release a matching DAC for the Atom…so. :stuck_out_tongue:

But the schiit modi 3 is bad lol, they haven’t fixed that yet

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it’s not the best, but it is more than sufficient. :wink:

If you were going schiit, the Asgard 3 and the bifrost multibit would be a nice stack, as the a3 is in-between warm and analytical, balanced per se lol. Also would stack better with the valhalla

aye…but that’s well out of budget for what I’d really want to spend, unless I had some TOTL headphones.

This is going to look odd to some:

Part Note
Ferrofish Pulse 16 DX Feeding Xfilter
RME ADI-2 Kind of obvious choice, direct to Phonitor
Elysia xfilter To Phonitor
SPL Phonitor 2 Has two inputs
Meze Empyrean

I thought this was the bought today thread for a second lol

I would NOT throw out ~8000€ and not post a picture to brag about it LOL :crazy_face:

Wish my employer would feel the same lol

This is dream stack, right?
Not “realistically affordable after saving up for five years”-thread.

Thing is, if someone gave me ten thousand, I would get the Empyrean and then be reasonable with the left over. As is, I am a student, with some money I can allocate for projects, but it is pocket change in audio gear.

Fair enough, I was always told the atom was the go to at $100, but I fully understand they all need to match it would kill my OCD. That’s the problem because my endgame would be the RME ADI-2 as a DAC but it doesn’t rly suit anything.
The THX AAA 789 doesn’t really look good with anything. I feel as if the Massdrop amps look like they’re from vintage NAD, which I already have with the C350, I’m not a massive fan of the look but it does its job I guess.

The 789 looks pretty good with the massdrop airist dac imo (also sounds good too lol)

if I spend willy nilly, my dream stack would be:

neutral DAC, analytical DAC, warm DAC (R2R & solid state)
nuetral amp, analytical amp and warm amp (tube and solid state)

can’t say make / model off the top of my head, but in discussions and readings, all the good one’s are in excess of a grand.

True, but to me the massdrop equipment has somewhat of a nasty colour, I’d much prefer a su-8 for instance


Just curious then, what do you think of the pro idsd and pro ican stack looks wise?

My dream stack would be the sp200 with the matching dac. Think it would look awesome and sound even better. But purely looks wise. Su8 with sh8 boy thats pretty

I don’t think I’ve heard my dream stack yet. So I’m not sure how to choose components in it.

Probably some more musical multibit/R2R or possibly FPGA DAC.
A nice Valve amp - that narrows it down
And some headphones that have synergy with the above.

Having said that I’m also intrigued by designs like the SR1A.