What's your favorite piece of equipment?

and why is it your favorite? performance? nostalgia? collectors status / value?

For me it is my Grado GH2 headphones. I just love the sound. Works well with my phone. Scales up nicely in my system and a bit of EQ can perfect them. And Beautiful Audio pads make them my most comfortable headphones.
I will use them until they break. And then I will send them to New York for repair. I am pretty sure that they will outlive me.:grinning:

I think it would have to be the RME adi2 and the jds labs EL amp. The rme because to me, there’s no feature that it lacks. There’s nothing about it that makes me say, “man I wish it did that”. The EL amp was my first desktop headphone amp. I believe I’ve had it for 2 years now, and it still seems to be my go to. The volume knob feel is just so satisfying, it has plenty of power, clean as anything needs to be IMO, I love the unique form factor, and the simplicity of it.

FMR Audio RNC 1773

A good compressor one is not afraid to use can save a lot of mixes, even after the fact.

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I think my favorite compressor I own is a shadow hills mastering compressor, use it all the time alongside my other compressors

Edit: actually idk I like my other compressors equally lol, I can’t pick a favorite

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The FMR one is just so cheap for how good it is.
And with how variable youtube can be volume wise, a compressor is a godsend.

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I didn’t even think of that lol. That would have been a great use, and with tv when I still had that too. I might actually use a limiter instead though

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Another good (relatively) cheap compressor is the ART Pro VLA II. Get some nice tubes and it’s pretty great

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Does my computer count? Cause god knows it’s the single most used piece of equipment I use


Man that 2B figure looks real good looking down on your desk. I would grab an A2 some day when I get the chance.

https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-040998 their is this figure on sale but honestly doesn’t look that great cause of how cheap it is and the face sculpt is pretty bad.


Ah I was actually eyeing this one, but have just been spending too much on audio recently.

Ah ok if it has visible joints I generally don’t buy em. And the quality on that one could be better

I like my computers, all 6 or 7 that are near me.
I prefer hardware enthusiasm over audio hobby wise.

But I would never say any computer is my favourite.

it’s my most used piece of hardware I have therefore my favorite. regardless of the parts it’s my PC it does the same fuction so this pice of heardware specifically is my fav. plays my music, plays my games and processes my words

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That’s really nice looking, I would not know what to do with such a fancy computer. My eye caught watches though in the corner. I’m tempted to start a show off thread for watches, hehe, love me some nice watches.

Computers are a much easier hobby, the upgrades are objectively measured lol. There isn’t really a huge subjective aspect, you already know what you will get beforehand lol (for the most part)

PC’s are full of bs too. Once you reach esthetics and peripherals it’s becomes a mess. Everything from. Key switches to what mouse pad you use can become an argument

Why not? I started one about anime figures a while back. You can show off your way he’s on that thread I was asking about hobbies people were Into.

Edit: thread is gone rip was in the other off topic part of the website that is broken

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Well I guess I was mainly talking about PC hardware not peripherals. You can look at benchmarks and specs and pretty much know the performance you are going to get (as long as you make sure there aren’t any incompatibilities).