What's your Target purchase for 11.11 sale?

What are you getting on the 11.11 sale? As for me, I’m looking for some really good deals on iems. What are the best deals for iems under $200?

Thieaudio Legacy 3 if they are available to be bought, also as for me if there’s one available, I would probably go for the Koss KPH30is for I am curious about those and wanted to know if it’s really an endgame headphone, for I have heard some users that they consider the thing as such one.

I guess our preferred sound signature is kind of the same. Got a FiiO A5 from a friend in brand new condition for under $50 yesterday, and mahn it makes the blon bl 03 and mh755 sound like floorstanding speakers with fast subwoofers. now looking at Tri i3. I am curious about the Koss kph30i too. Heard it sound like a mini hd58x.

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Nice, looks like you got the IEMs and headphones that I also have and I agree both are freaking good for their price. I am not sure about the Tri i3 for I don’t have one in my collection but I think the reception about it are good from the ones who have bought it. Speaking about sound signatures, I prefer the neutral sound, sounds that are like Moondrop Starfields or Tin T2s of sounds, I already got both though and the Starfields are the improvement of the T2s.

Trying to decide between the Tape Pro, the Fearless Crystal Pearl or just save some money and get the Starfield. I’m not really an IEM type.

I like t2 plus more than the t2. About the Starfields, I ordered them three times in last four months. Were sold out everytime.

The Tape Pro is cheaper than Starfields? I thought it’s more expensive. Id give it sometime untill some non-hyped reviews come up.

I think the T2 and the T2 Plus are like complete different IEMs, imo they are not like comparable to one another, though due to my curiousity getting the better of me again, I might order one to see if it’s really more aggressive than the T2s relaxing sounds.

Copped a set of the L5 and got the #9 reward for the 2BA, which is the Fearless Crystal Pearl…

Anyone know if that’s worth picking up still? Or, would I be set for disappointment if I decided to pick that up, even with the steep discount?

The KPH30i to me is a very warm sound, but not so much as the Porta Pro. At least from what little I know about what people say regarding the 58X, the comparison seems fair.

Midbass hump is prominent, and the lack of treble extension is too. To me, stuff like cymbals and chimes have sub-par crispness to the sound. On the other hand, contrabass, bass guitars, bass drums, etc have a good weight to them. Not slam, but a sense of full-bodiedness (idk how to describe it better). Mids feel flat and consistent, and honestly it’s an impression I draw for all the Koss 60 ohms I have tried. Everything has a very satisfactory smoooooothness to it. Lacks resolution, can be muddy, can sound veiled, but it’s a pleasurable pair of headphones to use for casual listening.

I’d like to jump straight into IEMs with the Starfields, but haven’t heard of sales going on. Anyways, my budget for the month is already reduced to ashes. :^)

Picked up Lz A7 and blon1 … got ‘1’ on my order invoice lottery

Now undecided…headphone amp or another iem?

I’m skipping this year probably. If I have time maybe I’ll see if I can find a good discount on some balanced cable off aliexpress since that’s the only thing I need.

Sure, Blon BL-01 look cool, and it’s only $20, but… I don’t even use the IEMs I already own with the current lockdown situation(I prefer headphones or speakers indoors), so spending even $20 on something that’s going to gather dust anyway feels like a waste. And I’m sure there’s going to be a dozen new hot IEMs by the time it’s going to be possible to go outside again.

Got a tfz no.3 19th edition, and a kb ear diamond together from the same store for $113, a lz a6 mini for $41.

The Blon been 16 something for days.

I was looking at the one on linsoul with additional cable.

Nothing at this moment

I wasn’t going to get one, but when I got news on youtube that the price dropped down to $16, I got one.

I got mine from AliExpress.

Well guys, any wallet casualties yet? :joy:

I held back and still burned 175 usd (40 usd of that is from dhl express…) getting these:

Yincrow RW-9
Blon BL-01
Tri Through (6x)

Tape pro, blon 1 two times, fearless s8f, shozy 1.1 and tin p1.
Plus some cabels and tips. Had 20%off on most and also coupon code.

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