What's your wish list?

I’m pretty simple:

  • KTB or Topping D10 for my DAC
  • JDSL Atom Headphone for my Amp
  • Quad Era-1 for my Planar Magnetic Headphone
  • Focal Elex (or Stellia) for my Dynamic Headphone
  • L300 Ltd for my eStat (I have the SRM-252S energizer already) Headphone

I don’t celebrate Christmas though and I’m flat broke, so any of these are a long ways off, LoL!

new CPU new MOBO
and a meze 99 noir pretty much it

Monolith M1070 or M1570 - will purchase 1 of them immediately when available.
SMSL M200 - Want my matching DAC when available.
Philips Fidelio X3 - I don’t think I’m willing to spend $300 on these but it’s on my wish list to try.

Def a new keyboard if I can ever make up my mind

I like the look of some of the newer DAS models. especially the one with the multi-knob!

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I would love to get a SMSL M200 DAC to stack with my P200, i love stacks lol. Wish SMSL would come out with a EQ to stack with the 2. I’ll probably get a Bellari EQ570 Audio Equalizer and i’ll have this cool dark black amp and dac stack then a shocking red gold EQ on top lol.

I would like a better DAC than the SU8. I doubt the M200 will be all that great.

For headphones I would love to get the ZMF Aeolus. I heard the sound on it is really exciting. Also want the Stax L700. And looking foward to the new Monoprice M1070 and M1075. I always wanted a large plannar headphone.

this is a exciting time in audio tech. really looking foward to what new is coming out.

Ryzen 3950x
About 15tb of storage
New x570 mobo
Phanteks case
Ub9000bluray player
Region free blu ray player
Dynaudio LYD 7 pair
Sub woofer
Schiit Freya +
Decware headphone amps and stereo amp
Mixing and mastering headphones
Electrostatic headphones
Black magic pocket cinema camera 6k or 4k
Shotgun mic
Condenser mic
Creative cloud subscription
New mouse
New keyboard
Jog wheel with programmable macro keys
Maple tree audio xlr switcher
Goldpoint passive preamp
Thx amp
Wacom intros pro large tablet

Long term
Chord m scaler
Chord dave

Was looking at a rama m65-b, seems pretty nice

hopefully they improved the build DAS has always had Sub par build quality and it has awlaways bothered me

I’ll probably pick up a set of ZMF Headphones in the new year, still unsure which I want.
Also looking at potential Valve amps, though I’m not sure if I can deal with the inconvenience.

any reason you wouldn’t get the Schiit Loki?

and it would be sad if the SMSL M200 DAC isn’t good enough to match with their SP200 amp.

Why am I quoted here

no clue, but fixed.

also, that’s a bloody expensive keyboard. and it’s 10 keyless, so blech!

I still need to buy switches and keycaps as well lol

Wish list?..no too much tbh, got most of my stuff sorted (music, music, music lol) an iem that can steroid the P1 with a tad more bass and stretch that soundstage would be cool…no stress here :v:

Mon and Onaha recommended the Bellari over it. I think the M200 will be a good dac but probably just a little better than the su-8. since its paired with a 270$ amp.

CORRECTION: Mon mentioned it

CORRECTION TO THE CORRECTION: Onaha did not mention it. it was another guy

I think they are both great and I don’t think I would say one is clearly better than the other imo regarding the eq

Wasn’t me. I’m a big noob when it comes to EQ

I’m pretty set, but my wish list includes:

Kennerton Magni
NAS Storage or a good solution for storing FLAC
ZMF Auteur (at least to try)

Well, if we really wanna pull that bombshell…

  • R7 3700
  • RX 580 8GB
  • Vanatoo T0 or iLoud Micro
  • AKG K371
  • Drop x Sennheiser HD58X
  • Drop x Meze 99 Noir
  • Drop x Koss Prota Pro X
  • Drop x Koss ESP/95X
  • Blon BL-03
  • Blon B8
  • Blon B20
  • replacement pads for HE-4XX
  • XDuoo TA-10, or TA-20 with SMSL M300
  • JDS Labs Ol Switcher or JBL Nano Patch+
  • Shuoer Tapes
  • Tin P1
  • Grado SR80
  • Cowon Plenue D
  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo
  • AOC C24G1

These would be NICE, but I’m kinda a broke student, soooooo…

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