Where can I get lossless music?

Is there like a website where I can buy lossless music or any other way that I can get my hands on some lossless music and if so how would I go about it.

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You can get them from places like hdtracks, qobuz, 7digital, bandcamp, boomkat, bleep, and smaller platforms too. Also any cd (for the most part) is lossless so you could buy a cd and rip it to flac

Edit: linn records is also good as well


Thanks again M0N
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How would I go about ripping it though?
Like how does that work

I’m new to the audiophile gang

You have to have a pc with a cd drive, and then using software like EAC (Exact Audio Copy) you can extract the lossless tracks from the cd. You can then tag them if you like with something like MP3tag or EAC will sometimes tag them for you if it recognizes the cd, there are plenty of tutorials online for this

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I really like dbpoweramp for ripping CDs. Tons of features!


Yeah if you are willing to drop some money on dbpoweramp it’s pretty nice too

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dbpoweramp has all sorts of auto-tagging features, can rip at different speeds, correct errors, rip to any file type, and you can also custom tag. Also you can extract the instrumentals for karaoke. And there are a lot of filters I haven’t tried too.
It’s about 45 USD now I think.

You can do that with EAC as well, except the instrumentals part. You do get windows shell integration with dbpoweramp though as well

Also, dbpoweramp has a free 21 day trial you can use.

Ive bought stuff from HD tracks. very nice site got some high res stuff too. i got the Coldplay X&Y192khz/24bit, Tears for Fears Songs from the big chair 96khz/24bit and Radioheads Moon shaped pool 48khz/24bit albums. very nice sound.

But the best option is buying used CD’s on ebay for 3$ and ripping lol.


$38 for one computer, $56 for two to five computers I think actually.

Yep, that’s what I do, since most music I like isn’t available on HDTracks, but if you can find it, they often times have really great exclusives on there.

Yeah if you can get free shipping this can be a good choice. Checking stores like goodwill or looking in garage sale typically will yield cd’s, also asking friends to borrow cd’s is viable too


I like going to antique stores and looking at old vinyls too. Kind of fun digging through them even if I can’t use them.

How does dbpoweramp work though? For example if I had an mp3 file would it be able to convert it into a higher quality file?

No, if it starts off as a lossy file you cannot restore that info, you would have to find a lossless copy of that music or buy a cd and rerip it. You can convert it to a flac file, but it will just be mp3 quality inside of the flac file

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Yeah i was thinking about getting a USB record player or something. lots of good vinyl deals out there i could rip

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Yeah, vinyl isn’t necessarily better, but it has a very unique sound that is very special if you play it on the right stuff.