Where do you enjoy music the most?

Just struck me how differently I listen to music.

When I’m by the computer I usually start to enjoy a song or two and then I forget about the music, to much distraction!

I’d prefer to listen in a nice coach or half laying down in bed. Here the music really gets me.

Where’s your favourite place to listen!?

Oddly enough in a car with friends on a road trip. But when by myself on my desk while playing games

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For me personally it’d have to be at my desk so I can fully immerse myself in the music without being interrupted. That being said, I also enjoy playing music with my friends since they’ve made me their dedicated DJ. It always feels good when a friend lets you know they enjoy the tracks and playlists you throw together.

At my desk while sipping a scotch… it’s nice to zone in and forget about everything else… also spin records pretty consistently while doing stuff around the house

At my desk laying back in gaming chair, if I’m trying to take it all in.

Car is great too but in a less analytical way.

Many of you write “desk” is that desk as a desk with a computer? And while gaming? Don’t know how you do it, I just keep getting distracted of things to “look up” google this and that etc. The music seems to come in second.

What came to mind though is that when I’m working out, I usually really enjoy music as well, but in another way. More wanting to sing along and enjoy the lyrics of either hiphop or rock/metal.

When home relaxing I usually listen a lot of piano. Guess the genre maybe demands more “active” listening or it’ll just become background noise… I don’t know…

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For me, yes, it is a desk with a computer. Though I don’t do it while gaming. I like using the computer because it gives me the freedom to explore new tracks simultaneously while listening or browse this forum among other things. Sometimes I just sit back and relax and really take it in. Those moments are the best.

Ideally I’d have a listening room but that’s only in a perfect world would I have that chance. I second your thoughts on working out as well.

In my long suffering lazy boy. By the window with a nice view, cat between my legs and phone in hand.
Sometimes a book but I am addicted to the phone with several forums, constant news feed and some chosen topics on Facebook (cats/dogs, cars and headphones).

I’m the multi Tasker type. And can’t just focus on something without doing something else . But when I need to I can just change my main focus on music when assessing a headphone I just got and whatever else on notes

My music tends to live in my bed and in my car.

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Anywhere for me really.
But if I had to be specific, I really like sitting down with a good meal, or a good drink, and using my headphones, or speakers. Something about sounds and flavors together that puts me in a certain place.

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It takes effort sometimes but gets easier and becomes very rewarding

If I’m gaming etc, I’m just listening to it. Some times I’ll just kick my feet up recline and listen for a while which normally ends up with me waking up some time later…lol

I also do a few headphone and amp comparison/ review but that’s actually a bit of work and not so much fun for normal listening

on the toilet. my 1" loud speaker goes well with the porcelain acoustics! :slight_smile:


I actually like to listen to music a lot while reading and scrolling this forum. I’m doing this right now lol.

But I enjoy music mostly on my desk and on my bed.
It’s also very nice to listen to music while walking on the streets.

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Another interesting question that is in my mind is if you listen to music with your eyes closed or open. I mostly close my eyes, but with my eyes open it seems like the soundstage and imaging is more realistic, I don’t know. When I close my eyes I lose the understanding of distance and can’t perceive soundstage properly, but with my eyes closed I can focus more on the details and let the music carry me away from this world haha.

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I often listen to good pieces with my eyes closed…when I know nobody will spot me swaying back and forth enjoying it. :smiley:


As a father Of young children, I can totally relate :rofl:

I used to do this more a couple of years ago. But since I hit a wall last spring (“burnt out”) I having a hard time doing more then one thing at the time.


This happens frequently to me when I am using speakers!

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