Where you get your high res music?

Im from Germany and im wondering from where you get all your music.
In Europe we mostly use qobuz but it isnt actually enough because qobuz Missing Most artists.
Zeos owns a Lot of music without any streaming Service and im courious maybe PPL from the states have a different source of music.

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I tend to buy CDs and rip them.
JPC is my go-to, Saturn, Mediamarkt, etc. when they fail me (they rarely do).

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eBay cheap used cd’s. Also ripping them.


I buy used CDs and rip them to replace stuff I’ve lost over the years. For artists that I like I buy their music on CD (new copies) then rip it. Quite a few artists are now directly selling their music and you can download it as FLACC and I’m sure they get a much bigger cut of the profit if you do it that way.

People in America, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that like most everyone else Zeos huge library started out as pirated, borrowed or traded copies over the years.

I have 500 CDs in my lifetime collection, but I have about 2000 albums of music in my digital collection. Most of which are lossy and probably originated as Napster peer to peer trades back in the day.

I’m sure by a lot of people’s standards my collection is modest.

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I consider hires music better than CD quality (>16 bit/44kHz). I doubt most of Z’s music is anything higher than uncompressed CD quality. The only hires music I have are straight from the artists’ websites or from Qobuz.

The title of this thread specifies hi res, which is >16/44.1 Redbook spec. Buying used CDs and ripping them is an excellent and relatively inexpensive way to expand one’s library of high quality music, though. If hi res is the goal, Bandcamp often offers hi res flac files. @Fiorenza is right that hi res flacs can also be had direct from bands’ websites. It looks like the German HDTracks website closed, but there are other HD music stores. A googling will likely turn them up quickly. I am curious though, what artists is Qobuz missing? Or is it they have the artists you want but only in 16/44.1? For the vast majority of the world’s music yet, 16/44.1 is as good as you’re gonna do. There aren’t hi res versions of much of what’s out there.

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Bandcamp ist great.


Wow people still use CDs ? :open_mouth:
I have to say after i thought about it, U right, ist a good Idea but now i have to buy a CD Player :sweat_smile:
Damn i wanted to save for the Woo audio fireflies Tube …

Just get a disc drive and rip them from there :+1:


Yeah, what @Ohmboy said. Optical drives aren’t very expensive these days either.

I got one for my laptop for 17 euros… I mean… 17 euros…

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If you are trying to keep your streaming capabilities the Tidal Hifi offline feature is worth looking into. Their library is bigger than QOBUZ and you can decide the quality of your downloads. Worth a look!

I use Amazon Music HD.

Amazon HD music stops after 10-20 seconds in the UK?..chatted with an Amazon online music dude and he came back with it’s apparently Mac dependent and they are working on it…never had any probs in 6 months before this :disappointed:

Yikes. Does the mobile app still work for you?

Internet/app issues are my last lingering fear on streaming. I still keep a rather robust catalog of files on hand for moments like what you describe.

Can try but pretty much only use my MacBook Pro…most of my albums are ripped to my old iPod 160gb classic it still works but don’t use it much :grimacing:

How long has this option been around? I swear I’m just now seeing this.

Amazon HD?..about 6 months I guess dropped Tidal for it and no regrets here.

I just swapped from Amazon HD to Qobuz.
Amazon has the bigger library which is nice, and I might actually dislike the Qobuz interface even more than the Amazon app, but Amazon HD isn’t supported by Volumio or Roon, so I made the change to be able to use a couple of Pi2AES based streamers I put together.
Whether I can live with the reduced library remains to be seen.

It’s all about the music for me, so the more tunes the bigger love form me, the rest I’ll try and work around.