Which $200-$300~ IEM to get?

Currently own and actively listen to:

  1. Fiio FH3 (still my overall fav)
  2. Moondrop Aria
  3. Tin T4
  4. HD58x

Sources that I use:

  1. BTR5
  2. Zen Dac v2 (when I finally get it)
  3. Soundblaster G5 (dont worry it is getting replaced)

Mostly listen to J-Pop, Pop, Rock, EDM, Jazz, and maybe some gaming.

Personally dont really care about how technically good the IEM is.

I do appreciate soundstage and seperation. And i find the FH3 bass to be more than enough, heck even the Aria is sufficient.

Currently shortlisted are:

  1. Kinera Freya (would love an opinion on this compared to the FH3, lots of hit or miss reviews…)

  2. Moondrop Blessing 2 dusk (scared it will be too boring though)

  3. Mangird Tea (is it really that good?)

  4. Thieaudio Legacy 4/5 (I have no idea lol, more likely to get the 4 to save money if i decide between the 2)

  5. Audio Lokahi (out of stock on linsoul tho, also scared i wont like pure BA)

  6. Final audio A4000 (kinda out of place I know)

Any suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance!

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Probably avoid this one as well.

Will it fit you? It is huge.

Are you sensitive to pressure build-up?

Tea. No questions.


Teas or Lokahi for me. If you want a Lokahi, I might hook you up. Teas are an overall upgrade to Lokahi tho.

B2 is huge sell and for your library, i’d avoid it (I own variations).

Never heard Legacys or A4000.

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I would also recommend the UM 3DT. They are magnificent.

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You too… You an @Resolution need to stop :joy:

Ha ha. @nymz @Xkairos_hxc is my MEST MKII buddy. You found me out.

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Like I didn’t knew already , ahahah. I’ve spoken to him as well :slight_smile: After I get mest, we can do (an IEM) threesome…

As long as you keep it in your ears! :wink: I dunno if that came out right. :confused:

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I’m really hoping no one says “3DT is better than Teas”…

I am planning to get to the bottom of that question. :wink:


3DT is better than the Teas.

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50 USD to Shipping + 30% Taxes…

I recently tried the See Audio Bravery. I loved its tonality. I wish I had experience with Mangird Tea too(It is actually quite costly in my country too).

No experience with Tea. But I personally didn’t liked 3DT. I A/B’ed it against FiiO FD5. FD5 was more towards my taste.

I hate FD5. Heard it for a week or two but that treble was killing my soul.

Mangird is the upgraded Bravery/Lokahi since it has the good traits of them + a DD for bass :slight_smile:

Woah i will have to try it then. Man i felt Bravery’s treble to lack some air. Is that also improved in Tea?

I only own Lokahi, which is pretty similar in every way, and I think so. I love Teas treble

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BTW something not related to the thread, Do you have any experience with the Softears RSV? Man really craving for a pair.