Which amp upgrade for hd660s

i have an hd660s with an e30 + liquid spark and i wonder what amp upgrade could give me more bass?
i saw the zen can v2 is it good? is there better alternative?

small correction there is not IFI zen Can V2 - there is an IFI zen DAC V2 though :smiley: )

yea my bad. is zen can amp is better than zen dac v2 amp?

As an amp? Ya
a lot more power and its more “flavoring”

And compared to the liquid spark is it better and is the xbass button worth it or there is distortion?

Never tried the spark so i cant say, as far as the Xbass - its done in a very tasteful way so as long as your 660s can take it, distortion shouldnt be an issue, i use with a wide varity of headphones including some pretty power hungry planar headphones

i have a zen dac v1. and i have hd600’s. some tracks, at louder volumes, the bass distorts a little on the 600’s.

not the exact same setup, but close. honestly, i would expect the same from the v2 and 660s combo. the 600 series uses the same driver, just tweaked differently.

edit: forgot to put in, thats with bass boost on(i never take it off though lol)

Maybe the boost is better optimized on the zen can idk if someone can confirm

Does the zen dac bass boost work through lineout? If so get the zen dac and connect it to the liquid spark, not that you need the power at all with 660s tho…

The 660s is half the impedance though, so a bit less stress on the amp - so perhaps a bit easier for the amp to push. Something to note for OP is that you’d want to run these balanced to ZenDAC.

If this is a desktop scenario, I’d software EQ a bit more bass into them for free. Then, I’d consider a complimentary set of headphones that delivers better low-end output and extension.

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Thanks but I don’t want software EQ i don’t like the quality nor latency it causes.
I would use the E30 as dac I just want a better amp than liquid spark for bass. I tried planes but didn’t liked them even if bass was nice

TUBES!!! what’s your budget?

250euros I’m from Europe so schiit is difficult to get

It’s going to be small brush-strokes of changes, and I’m unsure what your budget was. Easy to over-promise and underdeliver on new headphone amp providing demonstrative differences in bass output. I don’t understand your comment on EQ, is it derived from your experience?

Were I to chase this dragon, I’d start at something like a Schiit Asgard 3, maybe looking at Monoprice Liquid Platinum on a higher end. But, if this is really your sole headphone and you’re into it: look at OTL tube amps. Something like a DarkVoice 336SE, xDuoo TA-26 or a BottleHead Crack if you’re REALLY into it.

I use my setup for gaming too I’m not sure tune would be good

get a loki+

eq a tiny bit of bass yourself =)

he’s in Europe, so Schiit is a problem getting. :frowning:

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they ship worldwide

edit: make sure you select the voltage of your area!


It’s a good idea but I prefer to only have a dac and amp.
No one tried the zen can and liquid spark with hd650 or 660 to give me an opinion?

Just a tad outside of your budget:
But it would do the trick nicely…save your pennies!!