Which headphone and why

I plan to buy one of three headphones as my next pruchase (and I know the Drop headphone is on sale now, but might not be in 4 months when I plan to make the purchase, or available for that matter, but consider this as if they are).
They are not total similar in price range, but they are close enough for me to consider:

Focal Elex
Audeze LCD-2 Classic
Klipsch HP-3

I currently use a Monolith by Monoprice dac/amp as my primary amp and guess it will work fine with all three headphones. I like detailed headphones but beyond that I am fairly open to whatever sound I get; I like different sounds. Build quality and a track record of NOT breaking down is also important - I hate bad quality.

I lean towards the Klipsch, but it is also the most expensive.
What would YOU recommend and why?

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Well what type of music do you listen to, and also what is your preferred sound signature?

Jesus you are fast…
All kind but jazz is on the playlist, so it is quite a wide range. Re sound signature I am not tuned in on a preferred one yet, so I am open for anything - hence the question here, so I can a bit more enlightend :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Well starting with the lcd2 classic, it has a wide sound that’s warm and thick and imo not the best if you like alot of detail (but the bass has good detail). I think out of the listed headphones if you want a more neutral (flat in this case) responding headphone, the elex might be a good choice, and if you want a more fun headphone but still with good technicalities, the Klipsch might be the way to go. I think the Klipsch might be the better headphones but you are paying for that

Fun is probably the best way, if it has to be different from my Beyerdynamic headphones that I primarily use now.
I just think the Klipsch is quite expensive, but the two others have both had some less positive comments, not many but some. But being a quality junkie, I usually go for more high-end than say the 58x; I am sure it is great, but for me its the total package.

Well if you like the total package, the hp3 might be up your alley as they have excellent build and presentation and come in a wooden box lol. I also think that Klipsch has a great warranty so you wouldn’t have to deal with massdrop if something went wrong

Your last sentence is not unimportant :+1:


Another thing is I think the Klipsch might have better resale value in the future if that matters

Unless I become one of those crazy types that is pushing 50 headphones in ownership, it will not matter for me :wink::wink:

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Well you never know what can happen lol. I don’t know really buy for resale value but some people value that


…18,19,20 characters

Also I’m only at 35 headphones now (48 if you count iems)


Damn, how do you store and maintain them ?

I put them where they will fit in my house lol. Hopefully that will be resolved after I get the addition to my house built

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What do your non hifi friends/family/guest think of that ?
Mine already think me crazy to invest in an amp and dac

it’s a good thing heapdhones are pretty low maintainance as long as where you keep them is dry and clean your pretty much golden. and when your at that level you are switching from one heapdhone to the other the pads stay pretty clean

Yeah the high maintenance ones are the estats as you just have to make sure dust doesn’t get to them. I also make sure too keep my house a bit dry as well, and with iems I store them with silcia gel. I use rubbermaid fasttrak rails and also some various stands. Make sure cables are wound so they won’t be damaged

Most of my family and friends are as crazy as I am lol (or crazier). TBH I’ve never had anyone freak out over it that wasn’t into the hobby. They just think it’s neat (but are probably judging me internally)

do they have hobbies themselves? if not then you can judge them for that. my dad drops more money than me on his fishing gear he has a $600 rod and a $400 reel thats just for when he fishes for bigger boys and thats not even considered expensive by fishing standards at least from hat I have seen. he also has a bunch of other rods as well for normal lake fishing. not to mention is $20- $100 just for the fucking fishing line. my mom just wdoes her own thing but treats herself to the occasional thing.

Depending on the environment it changes, I live in asia where it’s hot and humid most of the time and their is fears of spiders or other insects getting and hiding in the pads, that is after I read an article of some guy who had an insect (probably a spider) which entered his ear canal.Plus the dust.