Which one should I purchase first? Moondrop Starfields, BLON BL-05, Thieaudio Legacy 3 or Tin HiFi T2 Plus?

I am not sure what to choose anymore and man all of these are good or potentially good in terms of my needs when it comes to sounds. I was buying to buy the Starfields in the first place but then the BL-05, Legacy 3 and T2 Plus are there, having good receptions from the reviews I saw and it puts me to a choose one perspective. Would you guys kindly give me an idea on which IEM should I get first? not getting one asap though just a reference for the near future. Thank you.

  • Moondrop Starfields
  • BLON BL-05
  • Thieaudio Legacy 3
  • Tin HiFi T2 Plus

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Not listened to any of them tbh but by most feed back then the L3 gets my vote…No 03 or Urbanfun YBF if the qc is sorted?

I have legacy 3’s arriving next week, have TIn T2’s, will be acquiring more, just wanna test as many as possible before I settle

I would go with the Blon BL-03 before anything. It is better tuned than the 05 and less expensive. I enjoy it more than the Starfield, and it holds its own VS the L3. I’m not a fan of Tin at all. They are too focused in the high frequencies for me. I do not intend to buy another Tin product ever.

The Urbanfun should also be on the list. It generally outperforms all the IEMs on your list (especially in detail) and many other IEMs that are much more expensive. The only issue with the Urbanfun is the quality control. You should get one that looks like this in a white box…



Honestly you can’t go wrong with any of what you’ve listed. I had the chance to compare the L3’s to the Starfields and I opted for the Starfields because of its overall balance and impressive soundstage. It made me WANT to keep listening to my music to hear how much more enjoyable they could be with the soundstage. If you like more oomph in bass, go for the L3’s. If you like balance with a nice controlled bass, go for the Starfields.

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Out of all those, minus the Tin Hifi T2+, I decided to buy the Legacy 3. If I was to buy another from that list it would probably be the T2+.

Sound quality aside, have you considered the fact that Blons have awful stock tips and cable? If you are new to IEMs and have none of those things, I would not at all recommend the Blon IEMs.

I have and I agree. All good points. I also feel all the tips that come with all the IEMs listed are not great. The cable does need to be replaced on the Blon asap, but for sound quality at 26 dollars, the Blon should not be overlooked. IMO, it sounds better than all the IEMs on his list. L3 and Blon are both really good sounding IEMs.

I think anybody who enjoys IEMs should have a Blon BL-03. It’s so good and so inexpensive. It can at least be used as a beater set. I have 2.

Fair. I own the BL03 and I do really love them, but it was only after I got tips and a new cable. The stock cable especially was straight up abrasive to the upper back of my ears. And this is coming from someone who wears glasses. Then again I also found ear hooks on Koss KSC75s to hurt so maybe that’s just me.

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Starfields of Thieaudio. Why is Blon-BL05 in there?
It’s such an average product, shouldn’t be in the choice. Starfields are amazing from what I heard, didn’t focus too much on Thieaudio, but I know that they cannot be bad.
KBEAR TRI i3 are amazing, but very little talked about

following the harman curve as a starting reference, moondrop should give you an idea if “common” sound suggestions

i have the blon 03, tad heavy on the lows but quite fun and energizing to listen to

Well I prefer the neutral sound signature that’s for sure, also I liked my BLON BL-03’s balanced sound signature along with the cable and tips replaced as well. Also the fact that I loved my T2 and its sounds and finally the Legacy 3s, heard some good things about it along with the Starfields. Perhaps, I should buy the one that I can currently afford at the moment especially with this pandemic still going on.

Idk how neutral or balanced the KBEAR TRI i3 is, but it has outstanding staging and separation. Seriously, I haven’t come across another IEM that was able to compete with it.

Hifiman RE-600s V2 is fairly balanced, but when I compared it to KBEAR Diamond, I found that the mids weren’t as neutral. Also if you like punchy bass, RE-600s will not do it.

I’d avoid the BL-05 at all costs, nothing interesting about it
my 2 ¢ents

I also have the Tri i3 and I agree with you, it’s very good and my favourite. The only thing is that planar need power…

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Boy oh boy do they need power. I still do not a source that can bring the true potential out of these guys. I own the TR-Amp, and a bunch of amps/dacs from Tempotec. They need a serious guy to squeeze the juice out of them - bring the good stuff out

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iBasso Dx160 Dap they sound very nice.
With the xDuoo XD-05 + they sound VERY nice
With my Rupert Neve Headphone Amplifier they sound amazing

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I mean it depends on how you want to approach it. If you only want ONE pair forever and always, take the BLONs out of the running. If you want to go “Shit, you can get those for $40?” start with the BLON-05s, use them for a month or two, then get the L3s

Oh my, the KBEAR Tri 3 are way over my budget but I can tell it does definitely meets my needs. Also yeah, i have to agree that some of you are saying the BLON BL-03 is better than its newer brother, for I have it and I love it still today along with the Tin T2s for I cannot choose one on which to use the whole day and I always use both. So, perhaps I should go for either the Starfields or the T2 Plus because I am curious about the plus version of the T2s.

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I say don’t overthink it, just get the Starfields. In the meantime, you can wait to hear more from others and make up your mind

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Alright, well more input from users who used every IEM that I have mentioned or not would give me a good idea on what to buy atm.

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