Which one to choose?

I need an open back for gaming and I am considering these:

Sennheiser 58X from Massdrop
Sennheiser 6XX from Massdrop
Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO

I like the price on the Massdrop headphones, but the DT1990 is so appealing.
Or are there other ideas for better open backs for gaming?

well, for gaming the Cooler Master MH751 and 752 are audiophile grade headsets. that aside, the HD58x is popular for gaming…so are the HE-4xx. but, you do need an external mic for them since they’re just headphones.

I would say the dt1990 is excellent for gaming, and would be really good for that purpose. A runner up would be the 58x imo. The 6xx isn’t that great when it comes to imagining and soundstage, so personally I don’t think it’s as good as the 58x for gaming

Thx guys.
The 1990’s are still on top of my list and now I need to check out the Cooler Master 751 and 752. I have looked at the HE-4xx, but I am not sure if they fit me. And re the mic then I rarely use it, so I am okay with an external.

The intersting part is that the 1990’s is priced here in Denmark at $500, roughly the same as in the US. But normally electronics/headphones are priced 20-30% higher here, so this is actually a bargin.

I don’t game but a friend of mine loves his DT990’s a tad cheaper than the 1990’s…or maybe for a few more :euro: (or secondhand?) HD700?

The 700 isn’t as good for positional awareness because imo it over exaggerates soundstage, so it might actually be more confusing

So you’re saying that the 1990’s have great soundstage?

Yes. I think the 1990 has a great combo of soundstage and imagining and it is very accurate at placing sounds in a space

I guess it’s what you get used to, again I don’t game but people do use them for sure.

I want an open back especially for the soundstage and even though my T5P’s is great, an open back is just better for that purpose. Well it’s my guess as I have only had closed backs so far, I have NEVER owned a pair of open backs :crazy_face:

Well that’s interesting lol. The 1990 is going to be more neutral then your t5p (with a pads), and will have a bit better soundstage and imagining

So it’s not redundant to get the 1990’s (primarily for gaming) when I have the T5P already?

The 1990 is just on the next level compared to the 990 imo. The 990 is good, but if you are considering the 1990 and have the budget, the 1990 is the more advanced pair

A bit yes, but that’s not a bad thing if you like the t5p. It’s like having milk vs dark chocolate, instead of a mint vs milk chocolate if that makes sense lol

Well… isn’t that what this is about, getting too much audio equipment you actually don’t need :innocent:

Well, what type of gaming are you actually planning to do?

There are two games I focus on:

So PUBG is the one where sound is important and soundstage makes a difference. And I can clearly tell a difference with a decent amp and headphone over the normal soundcard and basic headphones.

How competitive are you? I have one headphone in my collection that is excellent for competitive gaming but might be lacking for most casual gaming and music. It actually makes me feel like I have a competitive advantage over most of my other headphones, but it’s not for everyone

If I tell you i’d have to kill you lol


Losing is not an option :no_mouth:
What headphone is it you use for gaming?