Which type of driver do you use the most?

when you’re just using them for pleasure ie NOT WORK and no environment constraints…

  • Dynamic
  • Planar
  • Estat
  • IEM
  • Other

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you didn’t make multiple-choice. :frowning:

also, why are you discriminating against IEM’s? they have DD, Planar, Estat options…in addition to Balanced Amarture.


Sorry my bad mate regarding the IEM’s but I can’t change the poll after 5mins apparently, but have edited the question :+1:

If the current result holds with dynamic being staying in the lead, I’m a bit surprised. All the energy on this forum seems to be the hunt for a good but affordable planar, so I was beginning to think dynamic was no longer an in thing.

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I think it’s because it’s something different from the traditional headphone, and people want to see what it’s like, and also it’s an in-between for estat and dynamic, so that’s also appealing. And the market is more focused on planar atm for midfi

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Wow. From this video Planars rock! He makes them sound way better than dynamics lol. Unless your a basshead.

Susvara it is for then mate :+1:

It does seem that Planar’s are generally a lot more expensive ie you can spend more on them like you can with Estat’s than you can with DD’s?

I think the highest price ceiling is estat, but both planar and dynamic seem to be similar in how high end you can go. This is for headphones mind you, in speakers at the absolute top you see a lot of dynamics imo

Just out of interest what’s the most expensive DD headphone you know of?

I’m a planar guy and I hate IEMs.

I prefer IEM’s as i’ve not found a headphone that doesn’t make my ears hot and IEM’s don’t try and replicate speakers as such like headphones do…What would my preferred play back be if I had the space and💰 speakers 100%

Most likely the mdr r10, not counting the diamond encrusted utopia or anything. Most high end dynamics go up to the 4k range but some do go higher


:gem: bling doesn’t count :+1:

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Agreed lol

I have no issues with my ears sweating but I don’t like anything penetrating my ear canal. I have recurring ear infections (1-2 every 2 years) so I’m likely hypersensitive about my ears. I don’t like water in them no cutips and really don’t like IEMs in there.


Totally understand that mate…it’s a shame as IEM’s do offer an other dynamic when it comes to listening to music :smiley:

I’m really experiencing this comparison right now. I got the 1600$ Arya and the 1600$ Auteur. And they compete with each other for my use. I switch back and forth constantly between the 2. The Arya is more precise and detailed. but sometimes a little cool and unnatural. the Auteur is lively. warmer, and more natural. Their both supposed to be neutral headphones. But idk. I kinda like them both. Especially the Auteur on tubes


Wanna get my hands on auteur so bad