Who has done Lawton mods

I did a search and found some references to Lawton Audio in other threads, but I was hoping there might be enough info to warrant it owns thread.

This a thread for anybody to tell their stories of Lawton mods to their Fostex and Denon products.

I would love to know what mods you had done and did you do them yourself?

Most importantly, what did the mod give you? Clarity? Bass? Midrange? What does it do better now than it did before?

I’ve got Lawton purple heart cups on my th900mk2 with Lawton pads and it’s glorious, the bass is awesome and it’s more fun, the pads increased the soundstage

Did you do it yourself? Did you also get the “tune up”?

I had a friend do it for me, and no I just got the cups and the pads. The other mods give it a more refined sound and I wanted to keep it fun

Can you define refined vs fun?

Also, how did you pick your cups? Looks or sound? And if sound, how?

So the purpleheart boosted the bass a fair bit, it hits deeper, is a tad bit sloppier, but it’s a fair bit more enjoyable to me. Making them more refined would be making the signature more even, more proficient. I was able to hear different th900’s with different cups awhile ago, the the purplehearts just made them one of the best subbass headphones I have heard. Other woods like ebony for example was a more even and tight response. Also the purpleheart makes them sound a bit wider too but lost some imaging

Not to mention purple looks cool too.:grin:

I have to see what the 610’s sound like, but I am really curious about the Lawton mods. The cups make it pretty expensive though.

It would be cool to hear more before and afters.

Yeah, the tune up is a more reasonable pill to swallow that does improve the sound if you are interested before dropping some on their wood

Yeah, the full tune-up is like $569.00 in US funds and shipping back and forth. Add that to my purchase price and I might as well have bought 900’s.:astonished:

One step at a time.

Is there anybody else out there that has gone Lawton?

I just did a tune up on ph about a year. The driver mod added a small amount of separation and clarity. I did not like the cup mod to the ph cups as it took away the impact and slam that those cans have going for them. Didnt really do anything else because I could never get the frequency response where I needed it.

What model was that? Did you do it yourself?

I was checking out the mods page and it looks fairly easy.

Watched a Zeos review where he stated that it changed the TH900 in a large way to where it wasn’t even a TH900 anymore. It was a new type headphone that was “OK”.

Trx00 purplehearts… And it was pretty easy, I would be delicate with the headphones because of yoke breaks, but that is in general not just when modding. You can do the mods in stages and reverse it so its not a big deal try driver first then with cup padding, if you dont like it with that change then reverse the cup change. I never swapped cups or did anything other than those 2 chamges and eq changes.

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I was thinking of getting cups for my Ebonies. but i dont want the sound signature to change. is it a big change?

Fully Lawton modded Fostex TH610 with ZMF Ori pads, and ZMF Pilot Pad.

I really enjoy the sound of these. They’re very neutral, but with deep extending bass that doesn’t bleed into other frequencies, but display themselves when required. They’re actually my new favorite headphone I own. For reference my other headphones are the Audeze LCD-X, Focal Clear Pro, and Koss Porta Pros. My preference is neutral-warm.

The build can be found here:

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i used the Lawton mod for my Fostex Tr x00 Mahagony and the Denon D2000.I do it my self.It was simply do it.

On the Tr x 00 it was so much better as before after the Mod.
More controled Bass and mid,the Highs not so sharp.
But the Mahagony cups are not god,the sharpness was better after but not suffisant enough.
It was a little bit better with the Ahg Pads and Dekoni rings.
In future i plan other cups maybe from Emu or lawton.
I am not sure yet.

On the Denon 2000 it was simply to install the Mod.
After it was better too,more controled bass and mids,and the highs more control and not so harsh.
I complete the Mod with the Roseeood cups from Emu.
Too install the cups was not so easy to made, because i must cut the nodes for a better closing the cups.So i must be put out the driver from the frame for a good cut.
After change the Cups it was better as the Tr x00 Mahagony and the plastic cups from the Denon.
More bass and sub bass,with good control,the mids goes deeper,
And the Highs very beautiful not so high and not so sharp.
A better desortation, more natural and the Voices from the singer more volume,gives more Room as before.
I find it better as the D7200 out of the box because the Bass from the Mod is more natural and not blow up in comparision.
The Lawton mod is Good thing for the first, good investion.
For Later with cups i depend how much money you will spend.
I am sure the Lawton cups goes a bit better as the Emu in Sound.The finish from the Cups the Lawton are awsome,very beautiful.
The Emu have a good character with her Cups in sound and a good finsih for the price.
A Good thing is to change the cabel,i have buy the Fostex connectors on alliexpress and complet it with the Viablue EPC2 cabel.
The Via blue cabel is a silver cabel with a good Isolation.

Here the List:

Dekoni Rings

It possible to buy for European buddys in England the Dekoni Rings.
The Lawton mod only by Lawton in Usa and the Cups.
The Emu cups only by Emu on her Webside.

Here same from the D2000 mod.